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2-Observe has developed the Life Observer Mobile®, an innovative medical device that supervises unstable patients in general hospital wards.
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2-Observe is an innovative start-up in the healthcare sector and specialized in high-risk patient continuous supervision.


At the origin...

was Dr Jean-Philippe Hermanne, Department Head in CHR Namur. He observed on the field that :

- there are high-risk patients in general hospital wards;

- they do not have any monitoring

Cham bre

It does lead to unexpected deaths, we need to act.



Prob Presence

Unstable patients are present in general hospital wards for several reasons :

- They come back from operation, after intensive care, called "post-operation";

- After an invasive examination, with contact on the patient;

- After a treatment switch

- Under sedation


The high-risk patients require a continuous supervision.

Today' situation :

- Heavy monitoring (in specialized units)

but not intended for general hospital wards

- One or more permanent nurses per patient

but usually impossible due to low staffing

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There is often only one nurse in a night shift.

Lacking Significance

The consequence of uncontinuous supervision is the unexpected deaths. It has been demonstrated that 8 unexpected deaths occur for 1,000 admissions in hospitals.


In Belgium, it represents 34 people PER DAY.

To answer this situation, hospitals put in place internal emergency medical team to save lives.

But, they have to be aware of risk situations to intervene, they need to detect the complications... and this is what we offer.

Survival chain


Our solution

Continuous and contactless supervision of high-risk patient in general hospital wards


How does it work ?

It observes the patient and detects the respiratory failure.

In case of detection it triggers an alarm locally and on a portable receiver carried by the nursing team.

Each hospital stakeholder gets benefits :

Avantages lom

Key features

Based on a patent combining passive Indra-Red technology and a calibrated algorithm, it is contactless and emission free for the patient.

Its redesigned is the result of an important user experience on the field.

Easy to move around, to install and to use, it is simply deployed over the patient's bed.

Its low false alarm rate make it totally reliable.

Product evolution


Marketing strategy

The first step was to meet hospitals in face-to-face in order to fully understand the problematic situation we solve today.

The first sales have been written in the 2016 belgian hospitals' budgets.

From now on, we work with distributors to sell our product in their product range.

Our development is extended to the international market where the first targets are : France, UK, Germany.

To meet these concerns, we participate to Medica trade-fair in Düsseldorf in November 2015 and Arab Health trade-fair in Dubaï in January 2016.