Premium Investor Programme

Passionate about investing in promising businesses? Learn how you can benefit from special conditions when you invest €10,000 or more on Spreds.

Premium Investors have exclusive benefits, including:

Privileged private investment opportunities

Some entrepreneurs wish to conduct a private fundraising round through our platform, which is not available to the general crowd. We’ll inform you of these opportunities and introduce you to the entrepreneur.

Special events and meetings

Connect with the entrepreneur and discuss their business plan in an exclusive meeting, or, join your fellow Premium Investors and industry experts to discuss strategies and approaches.

Improve your investment experience

Grow your knowledge and expertise in investing, and improve your decision making, by connecting with an experienced network.

Distinctive customer service

As a selected member of our Premium Investors, we’ll assign a single point of contact to you for better service. Through this personal contact you’ll have the first access to new investment opportunities.

Special pricing

After you’ve invested €10,000 per calendar year, you will benefit from a management fee reduction: 4% instead of 5%. Invest more than €100,000 per calendar year and fee will drop to 3%.

How you can become a Premium Investor

Premium Investors invest on Spreds more than €10,000 per calendar year. That can be in a variety of different tickets, whether it is 10 investments of €1,000, or 5 investments of €2,000.

We encourage all of our investors to diversify their portfolio by investing in multiple different projects over the year.

Our Premium team

Please feel free to contact us to discuss our premium programme anytime.

The Spreds advantage of co-investing: crowdfunding and venture capital

Our co-investment model means that every investment opportunity on our platform has both a crowdfunding element and a co-investor element. This can be compared with the system of checks and balances and has advantages for both parties. For the crowd: our co-investors add an element of authenticity, as large investments are usually made by experienced investors on the basis of an examination of financial details. For the co-investors: the collective wisdom of the crowd provides an insight in the potential success of a venture.

Take advantage of the tax shelter

There is more than €257 Billion “sleeping” on Belgian savings accounts. By activating your savings you can stimulate local businesses and our economy, and through the Belgian tax shelter for startups you can claim a tax reduction.

Invest in startups and scaleups eligible for Tax Shelter through our platform and receive a tax reduction of 25%, 30% or 45% on your investment, up to €100,000 per calendar year.

An example of our special events

In order to meet our Premium investors, we regularly organise exclusive events to discuss various investment opportunities. For example, the event “Start-ups and Wine Tasting” where we invite a group of 20 Premium investors for a combined presentation of 3 start-ups and 3 wines.

Remember your risks

Spreds does not provide financial advice. Please always consider your risks and contact us if you have any specific questions.