Belgian Media Ventures Tracer

Invest in promising companies that are on the verge of a high-scale media (TV, radio or digital) campaign on RTBF?

Tax Shelter

What is the Belgian Media Ventures Tracer?

By subscribing to this Tracer today, you automatically book your place in the next 5 start-ups with a planned high-scale awareness campaign on RTBF (digital, radio & tv) thanks to their partnership with Belgian Media Ventures.

Belgian Media Ventures, which is a subsidiary of Régie Media Belge (RMB), has launched the innovative concept of “Media for Equity” in Belgium, offering media campaigns for young SMEs using the media provided by RTBF (TV, radio or internet) in exchange for a capital investment. Visit their website.

This principle of “Media for Equity” enables the company to implement a media campaign at a very advantageous price and to reach millions of consumers, while minimising their outlay. The young companies that have concluded deals with Belgian Media Ventures have been able to see directly the impact of the radio/TV campaign in their activities: sales boosted (x3 or x4) , and an appreciable increase in their public awareness.

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Media for equity

Get to invest in young companies that have given part of their capital in exchange for impactful digital/radio/TV campaigns on

Minimum investment of €10,000

You can reserve your spot to be able to invest from a minimum amount of €10,000 in 10 eligible businesses.

Full control

You maintain full control over your investments thanks to an opt-out option (for each investment) and 24/7 access to your online portfolio.

A convenient way to invest

By subscribing to a Tracer, you get the opportunity to invest in the next 10 companies matching the criteria of that Tracer.

First come = First served

We can only allow a limited amount of subscribers in this Tracer.

Tax Shelter

All investments within this Tracer are Tax Shelter eligible. This means you can benefit from a 45% reduction on your investment during next year's tax declaration.

Tracer Characteristics

Minimum ticket size
Fee structure
Investment opportunities
Tracer duration
Tax Shelter
Setup fee:

Subscription fee:
5% (< €25k)
2,5% (€25k-€100k)
1% (> €100k)
1 year
Put & Call option

Put & call option

Spreds Finance and BMV have agreed to grant Spreds Finance a put option allowing it to sell the shares held by it to either Belgian Media Ventures or the other shareholders of the company, at a price of 95% of the originally invested amount.

On the other hand BMV and its shareholders will be granted a call option whereby they can acquire the shares held by Spreds Finance at a price equal to the investment amount multiplied by an IRR of 20% (per year).

The two options allow Spreds Finance an extra opportunity for exit and are exercisable from the 4th anniversary of the investment made by Spreds Finance (so as not to disrupt the tax shelter scheme) during two years.

The options with the modalities as mentioned above and all rights connected to it will be guaranteed by the shareholders’ agreement to be drafted in connection with the present capital increase.

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