Impact VC Tracer

Invest alongside an impact Venture Capital fund and help build a better world.

What is the Impact VC Tracer?

By subscribing to this Tracer today, you automatically book your place in the next 10 investments made by the Inventures II fund. Inventures is a European venture capital fund that strives to build a better world through a portfolio of investments in sustainable and promising businesses.

Access to sustainable businesses

Get priority access to sustainable investment opportunities.

Invest alongside a Venture Capital fund

Invest at the same conditions as Inventures II.

Professional follow-up

Inventures II ensures follow-up & reporting on your portfolio.

Who can subscribe and how does it work?

Minimum investment size of €10,000

You can invest from €10,000 up to €1,000,000 in 10 eligible businesses, in which Inventures II will also have invested.

First come = First serve

We can only allow a limited amount of subscribers in this Tracer. To give everyone an equal chance, the first people who subscribe to this Tracer will have priority.

Become Business Angels

Unlike traditional Venture Capital funds, everyone who wishes to become a Business Angel can actually become one by investing through our Impact VC Tracer.

More about Tracers

A convenient way to invest

By subscribing to a Tracer, you get the opportunity to book your seat in the next 10 investments matching the criteria of that Tracer. The investment flow in the selected start-ups will be made easier for you.

Privileged access

Through Tracers, we offer you priority access to investment opportunities.

Full control

You maintain full control over your investments thanks to an opt-out option and 24/7 access to your online portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Inventures II?

    Inventures II is a private Impact Venture Capital fund that invests early stage capital in smart and innovative European SMEs addressing at least one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) drafted by the United Nations.

  2. How much does this service cost?

    A limited and non-refundable set-up fee is requested for subscribing to the Impact VC Tracer. This fee covers the service and the privileged access to exclusive investment opportunities in which Inventures II will also have invested. For each investment in a start-up, our usual investment fees will be applied to cover the management of your investment.

  3. How does Spreds select the investment opportunities?

    The Impact VC Tracer selects companies in which the fund Inventures II has invested and who answer the following criterias:

    1. Companies addressing challenges listed in the following 5 SDGs:

      • SDG 3 Good Health & Well Being
      • SDG 4 Quality Education
      • SDG 7 Affordable & Clean Energy
      • SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
      • SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
    2. Start-ups and scale-ups in growth phase:

      • Incorporated start-ups and scale-ups
      • Based in Europe with a focus on Belgium, France, UK, Luxembourg and The Netherlands

  4. What return on investment can I expect ?

    Investing in start-ups is risky. Indeed statistics typically shows that 30 to 40% of start-ups fail, 40 to 50% survive but don’t bring much return on investment, while the rest (10 to 20%) succeed with a financial gain, meaning there is a return on investment, as the company gets acquired or goes public on the stock market. That’s why it is crucial to diversify in order to mitigate the risk. In this case only, the wins of the 10-20% of the start-ups that succeed may counterbalance losses and provide you with a decent return on your portfolio.

    When investing in start-ups you should always take into account that most of them won’t succeed. This is a reality. By investing in a portfolio of start-ups you diversify your risk and increase your chances of investing in a successful one.

    This is why it is highly recommended to diversify your investments.

  5. Can I opt-out from an investment?

    Once you are notified that your Tracer has identified a new investment opportunity and after receiving the necessary documentation from us, you will have a total of 14 working days to inform yourself and decide if you invest or opt-out from the investment.

More questions? Visit our complete FAQ.

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