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Bim Bam Belge: Belgium in every product.

Do you need logistical and commercial support for your products? Are you looking for a distributor of exclusively Belgian products for your stores or vending machines? Bim Bam Belge has the solution. 

Bim Bam Belge is an innovative and daring project that aims to facilitate the distribution and marketing of local products throughout Belgium. Bim Bam Belge's mission is to simplify interactions between artisans, retailers and consumers, while reducing the environmental impact of local commerce.

1. Bim Bam Belge: The solution for producers

The Bim Bam Belge team has identified four major problems facing Belgian craftsmen:

  • Finding new customers is a time-consuming and demanding task.
  • Showcasing products at different points of sale is often difficult.
  • Access to an efficient distribution network is a challenge for craftsmen wishing to expand their presence and reach new markets.
  • Costs associated with storage, transport and product handling can weigh heavily on craftsmen, impacting on their profitability and competitiveness.

Bim Bam Belge offers solutions:

  • A vast distribution network of over 250 points of sale, enabling products to be widely distributed.
  • Customized display and shelving solutions to showcase products in an attractive way.
  • 24-hour accessibility and visibility of products thanks to our vending machines.
  • Preferential rates on delivery and transport services to reduce logistics costs.
  • Flexible storage space rental options tailored to growers' specific needs.
  • Customer withdrawal management to simplify operational logistics.

2. Bim Bam Belge: simplicity for retailers

Resellers face a number of challenges when marketing quality Belgian products:

  • Difficulty of sourcing is a major obstacle, requiring extra effort to find reliable and consistent sources of authentic Belgian products.
  • Product sourcing becomes a real challenge, as it is essential to select products that meet the criteria of quality and local provenance, while meeting consumer expectations.
  • Delivery costs can represent a considerable financial burden for retailers, weighing on their profitability and ability to maintain competitive prices.
  • Lack of product visibility on the shelf limits attractiveness and impacts sales. Highlighting Belgian products and attracting customers' attention is essential to the profitability of this segment.
  • Administrative management is often complicated by the large number of different suppliers. This leads to a work overload that affects the attractiveness of local products.

Bim Bam Belge is committed to facilitating the work of retailers by offering innovative solutions:

  • An evolving catalog of over 500 products. The Bim Bam Belge catalog offers a wide range of products, from textiles to beverages and food products. This wide range of products is a key competitive advantage in the market.
  • In order to reduce procurement costs, Bim Bam Belge offers attractive carriage-paid prices throughout Belgium. This competitive price reinforces the attractiveness and positioning of Bim Bam Belge as a preferred partner for resellers.
  • A simplified multi-product invoicing system makes it easier for resellers to manage their orders and invoices, providing a smooth and efficient experience. This fosters customer loyalty and contributes to a solid business relationship.
  • In-store activations, increasing product visibility while giving producers the opportunity to meet their consumers.
  • Restocking managed by our own teams. This operational efficiency strengthens our competitive position in the market.
  • A professional webshop dedicated to retailers, offering a user-friendly platform for placing orders, checking availability, managing transaction history and keeping abreast of the latest news. This facilitates order taking and strengthens long-term collaboration.

3. Vending machines: the future in the local network

Institutions, local authorities and companies offering snacking services are facing major challenges. Bim Bam Belge offers innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for vending machines with a local impact. 

  • Global management of vending machines to simplify and optimize the distribution network.
  • Response to public procurement contracts with specific expertise in this field.
  • Competitive alternative to major players in the sector thanks to a personalized, flexible approach.
  • Promote producers close to your vending machine.

4. Corporate services

Companies are increasingly offering services to their employees and customers. Bim Bam Belge has positioned itself in this sector by offering several services incorporating delivery and logistical aspects for even greater convenience.

  • A drinks and snacks delivery service for happenings, afterwork events, etc.
  • A range of gift boxes for employees and customers.

Bim Bam Belge stands out for its innovative approach, offering two complementary business divisions.

The logistics division offers efficient storage and delivery services. Thanks to modern infrastructures and optimized management, Bim Bam Belge ensures the availability of local products, guaranteeing a fluid, responsive supply chain.The commercial hub brings together essential services such as the professional webshop, vending machines and wholesale service. This holistic approach enables Bim Bam Belge to offer solutions adapted to different sales channels, facilitating access to local products for different consumers.

These two divisions work in synergy, placing local products at the heart of the system. Interaction between the two hubs enables logistics and sales costs to be shared. This enables artisans, retailers and end customers to interact seamlessly on a single platform.

Thanks to this innovative approach, Bim Bam Belge is positioning itself as an essential partner for the promotion and distribution of Belgian products, supporting the local economy while offering an enriching experience to consumers in search of authenticity and quality.