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A European pioneer in urban biodiversity
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Imagine that, in a few years' time, your grandchildren ask you: "What is a bee?"

What seems unthinkable today could quickly become a reality. Indeed, since 1970, biodiversity has declined by 70%, as highlighted at COP15 in Montreal in December 2022. At a time when the climate emergency is becoming a priority, the disconnection between citizens and nature represents a major challenge. It is therefore essential to raise people's awareness of the importance of biodiversity, and to offer concrete ways of contributing to the preservation of flora and fauna.

"If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well , and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us."
— David Suzuki

"Even if our individual actions may seem insignificant, it is through the collective efforts of hummingbirds that things change."
— Pierre Rabhi

A call to action to preserve threatened biodiversity

Betterfly provides a solution to a worrying issue that concerns us all, by organizing educational and unifying programs to raise awareness of the importance of restoring biodiversity. Betterfly's actions are aimed at companies, institutions and private individuals:

  • The creation of urban biodiversity bubbles thanks to our BetterflyBoxes, which include :
    a nesting box, a small insect hotel, a variety of seeds, a biodiversity guide, paint and brushes...
  • A mobile app that lets you locate these ecosystem bubbles and measure local biodiversity, as well as raising awareness through educational programs that introduce you to local flora and fauna. The application also facilitates the generation of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reports for companies.
  • The organization of workshops and training courses with players such as Goodplanet Belgium and BeeOdiversity to create events around these ecosystem bubbles and give them the place they deserve within cities.

Together, let's promote biodiversity, share our experiences with the BetterflyBox application and bring our cities back to life.

Betterfly is part of the momentum generated by COP15 and the new legislation to restore nature passed by the European Parliament on July 12, 2023. Betterfly aims to become the European leader in raising awareness of urban biodiversity by launching large-scale citizen campaigns from 2023 onwards in collaboration with European institutions, local authorities, citizens' associations, environmental organizations, urban biodiversity research centers, as well as experts in artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

Our solutions for biodiversity :
Betterfly has devised a concept to promote biodiversity and offers two types of activities.

1) The BetterflyBox is a comprehensive and innovative solution designed to support the life of insects and birds while promoting nature conservation. By combining various essential elements for creating a biodiversity bubble with a mobile geolocation application, the BetterflyBox offers users a fun and educational experience. The insect hotel provides a safe haven for beneficial insects such as solitary bees, ladybugs, and butterflies, which play an essential role in plant pollination, thus promoting the reproduction of numerous plant species.
The nesting box provides a nesting place for birds, which is particularly important in urban environments where natural habitats are scarce. This encourages the presence of birds and contributes to balancing local ecosystems. The biodiversity guide offers practical information about local species of insects and birds and helps users recognize the different species that they can attract to their green space.
Finally, the mobile geolocation application allows users to track the performance of their biodiversity bubble over time while identifying the various plant and animal species they observe throughout the year.

2) BetterflyHotel offers an innovative approach to promoting biodiversity and integrating art into the outdoor spaces of companies, institutions and collective living spaces. These large, customized insect hotels go beyond their ecological functionality by becoming unique cultural expressions. Here are a few key points to bear in mind:

A- Habitat for insects : BetterflyHotel provide a favorable habitat for beneficial insects such as pollinators and garden helpers. They provide cavities, shelter and suitable materials for insects to breed, feed and rest.

B- Fusion of culture and nature : By customizing these insect hotels with unique logos, lettering or artistic motifs, they become a true cultural expression, fusing art and nature to create a captivating visual experience in outdoor spaces.

C- Artistic showcase : Each BetterflyHotel becomes an artistic showcase, highlighting artists through the preservation of nature. This offers an original opportunity to promote artistic talent and engage the public in a reflection on the relationship between art, biodiversity and the environment. BetterflyBox wants to create an artistic itinerary through its various cities.

The originality of our concept :
a creative interactive experience thanks to the integration of a mobile application

Betterfly distinguishes itself by integrating a geolocation application that offers an interactive experience for discovering nature, raising awareness and educating users about the importance of biodiversity, and enabling companies to measure and communicate their environmental impact. Using this application, users can easily recognize and identify the species of birds and insects they observe to collect and connect all the data needed to study biodiversity, while facilitating the preparation of ESG reports for companies. By combining the power of artificial intelligence with active user participation, our app creates an immersive and instructive experience, enabling everyone to contribute to the discovery of new species.

The app offers the following features for an optimal experience:

  • Geolocation of BetterflyBoxes and BetterflyHotels
  • Identification and observation of biodiversity thanks to Google vision's artificial intelligence
  • Creation of a community of friends of nature to share their actions and commitments
  • Data collection on biodiversity observed in ecosystem bubbles
  • Generate ESG reports and analyze trends using Big Data
  • Receipt of auditable biodiversity certificates in the near future

Betterfly offers innovative solutions that stimulate engagement and collaboration at the workplace

Betterfly offers employees a playful meeting and co-creation space to raise awareness of environmental issues. In partnership with MixR, a leader in workplace community building, our experts lead workshops that encourage employee engagement, promote diversity and inclusion, while raising awareness of biodiversity preservation.

MixR's tools and platforms can facilitate communication, collaboration and employee participation, strengthening a sense of belonging. When employees feel part of a community, they are more likely to be motivated, productive and satisfied with their work.

Betterfly is attracting attention: the project has recently been selected by the jury of the Trends Impact Awards under the 'ecology' category

Betterfly protects the environment by promoting social inclusion:

PROTECTED WORKSHOPS: Betterfly collaborates with sheltered workshops in Belgium to carry out assembly and tailoring operations. This inclusive approach to disabled people reflects our core values and represents an economic advantage for BetterflyBox's small-scale operations.

BERKENDAEL PRISON WOMEN: Betterfly has developed a long-standing relationship with the women's assembly and production workshops at the Berkendael prison. This collaboration encourages communication between the women in prison.

We all dream of making our contribution to tomorrow's great ecological challenge. Betterfly will make this dream come true thanks to you! That's the "Butterfly Effect".

Media coverage

Betterfly has been featured in several articles, including and l'Éventail. The articles highlight Betterfly's goal of raising consumer awareness of environmental issues and encouraging them to adopt more sustainable practices. As far as Betterfly founder Marina Cartalis' appearances on LN24 are concerned, they testify to the recognition of her work and the importance attached to her experience. Taking part in discussions on shows such as Success Stories and John Late Show, she was able to share Betterfly's story, highlighting her commitment to biodiversity awareness and sharing her determination to develop exciting projects as a person from the entrepreneurial world.


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