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Molfar 1A

Taste nature’s bounty in its purest form with Brussels’ rising star of fine dining
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What is Molfar?

Originally a modest casual eatery, Molfar has continually evolved, adapting to the ever-changing yet subtly aristocratic pulse of Brussels. As we've grown more attuned to the values and desires of its denizens, Molfar has become more ambitious and unveiled its true essence.

Beyond the ever-present tourists and expatriates from every corner of the globe, shrouded in a haze of diplomatic and political intrigue, there exists another Brussels — one that's mysterious and filled with connoisseurs of luxury, history, and pleasure.

Numerous mentions in popular restaurant guides have bolstered our confidence, propelling us towards a new aspiration: securing a Michelin star. Thus, Molfar has transformed from a simple casual dining venue to an exclusive fine-dining establishment, dedicated to catering to the refined tastes of our guests and offering unparalleled personalized service.

Molfar concept

Food as/is art

At Molfar, food transcends its culinary form; it becomes art on a plate. Our chefs reflect on how nature’s forces would taste like, meticulously crafting your dining experience by playing with undertones of flavors, textures, and colors. You don’t just taste the food. It’s the visual and sensory symphony that we invite you to.

Respecting nature

By developing long-term relationships with local farms and suppliers, embracing all nature’s gifts carefully, using everything, from roots to peel, and adjusting our menus to seasons — we play our part in bringing sustainable gastronomy to life.

Mixing traditions with the latest technologies

Honoring the world’s culinary heritage, our team skillfully blends age-old recipes from countries around the globe with cutting-edge techniques. That results in meals where the essence of history meets the excitement of culinary evolution.

Within history

Molfar is located in the historic heart of Brussels, Grand Sablon, in a building constructed in 1726. We take responsibility for maintaining not only the culinary heritage but also the architectural one, keeping the original outlook of the interior and exterior and using only natural building materials.

Fine Dining & Chef’s Table

Casual Lunch & Fine Dining

Quite casual during the day with pronto-delivered delicious meals, Molfar turns full mystical and extravagant during evenings. Enchanting ambiance, exquisite food pairing, and unique moments.

Chef’s Table & Bar

Get a chance to witness the creation of culinary masterpieces by our chef while sipping the best of our mixologists’ interpretations of how darkness, wind, fire, gravity, and other nature’s forces taste.

Wine Club

Club members get to fulfill their most exigent wishes as we seek the most hard-to-get bottles for our collection. Together, we explore the universe of wine: culture, geography, and history — while tasting the best of the best.


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A remaining amount of €498,500 is available for the Tax Shelter benefit.

Fact sheet

Advised by a professional start-up advisor
Valuation is set by the co-investor or incubator
Co-investor or incubator will be members or observers to the board
At the closing, an incubator, accelerator, or studio will have shares
At the closing, the entrepreneurs have contributed a minimum of €15,000 in cash in exchange for shares
Emits less than 3.7 t of CO2 per year, per employee
Raised €10,000 during a private phase
At the closing, a professional co-investor will have invested at least €25,000
Prior fundraising in equity or convertible loan with 10 or more investors
Seasoned entrepreneurs
Considered “compliant” on the assessment tool of Tapio
Minimum 2 active entrepreneurs
Valuation set by an organisation specialized in valuations of comparable size
Valuation is less than €1 million or 10x last year’s turnover

Raise summary

Crowd investments €11,500
Committed by others €0
Amount raised €11,500
Minimum round €25,000
Maximum round €800,000
Shares in the company (total round) 40%
Pre-money valuation €1,200,000
Post-money valuation min. €1,225,000
Post-money valuation max. €2,000,000