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  • The business model was validated by financial partners such as Look&Fin, KBC and PMV.
  • Filled order book until mid/end of 2025 with customers all over Flanders.
  • Modular construction is a growing niche within the construction market, according to Niko Demeester (Managing Director of Embuild) modular construction is "the future".
  • Experienced, multidisciplinary and complementary co-founders.
  • Add Home BV is a profitable company with market-based EBITDA margins.
  • A clear plan towards +/-26M Euro total revenue in 2030.
  • Market-based valuation.


Add Home BV/SRL (with commercial name Addhome Group) was founded in May 2019 by Basiel van Cauwenberge & Gert-Jan Plaisier.

Addhome group's mission is to create "extra space" in a qualitative & efficient manner. This mission translates into the development & production of modern container units &-homes that excel in functionality & design. Addhome group always uses a one-trip traditional/conventional sea container as fundamental building block for the sake of flexibility, sustainability and modularity. The building blocks are fully developed & produced according to the highest standards and are supplied with all comfort & techniques. The modern container units &-homes from Addhome group are also developed & produced entirely in Belgium.

Addhome group also offers the option to rent modern container units (Comfort model). This revenue stream, today approximately +/-2% of total revenue.

In harmony with people, the environment & society, Addhome group aims to offer a sustainable solution to our customers, suppliers, employees & partners.

Also take a look at the website:

Addhome group in a glance


MILESTONES 2019-2021

Milestones 2019-2021


Container construction is an affordable, sustainable & flexible modular construction method & basic structure. Other well-known modular construction methods & basic structures are:

  • Timber frame construction.
  • Precast concrete.
  • Steel skeleton construction.

Addhome group distinguishes itself from its competitors in the (modular) construction market in the following ways:

  • A thorough focus on high-quality finishing with an eye for details. The goal of Addhome group is to offer a comfortable, functional, high-quality, modern & trendy alternative to classic construction methods & basic structures through container construction.
  • Thanks to Addhome group's extensive construction experience, knowledge and collaboration with partners from various sectors, Addhome group is the first & only player in Belgium specialized in container construction that can develop & produce projects in accordance with energy standards.
  • Addhome group's production process is continuously optimized & improved to increase efficiency hence reducing the production cost.

By using traditional/conventional shipping containers as a modular basic structure, less CO2 is emitted compared to timber frame construction. Mainly because the basic structure, a traditional/conventional shipping container, is upcycled.

Less CO2 emissions emitted thanks to traditional/conventional shipping containers


(for example the Netherlands), there are several players active in the sector (modular construction market) such as Sea Container Homes, TinyHouse Store, Guwa Container Homes, ... Since Belgium sets stricter requirements regarding energy standards, foreign players cannot simply enter the Belgian modular construction market without thoroughly adapting their product to the strict rules regarding insulation, ventilation, ...

In Belgium, Addhome group distinguishes itself from the competition in the modular construction market mainly by the modular construction method/basic structure used. The Belgian competition consists for +/-80% of timber frame construction. Timber frame construction is expensive, labor intensive, less flexible & less sustainable in the long term (wood rot, ...).

Belgian players


Model Comfort
, abbreviation M1 & M2 (2,5x6,0m/15,0m2)

A well-equipped entry-level model that is highly functional, affordable and flexible. This model is often used as an extension for the home or business. Common applications include garden office or home office, hobby room, relaxation room, sports room, guest room, pool house, ... The modern container units &-homes from Addhome group are provided with the necessary comfort. The customer has the option to further equip this model with a kitchen, bathroom &/or toilet.

Model Ariane, abbreviation M2 & M4 (2,5x12,0m/30,0m2)

This model is recognizable by its long shape. This is why it is often placed in larger or deeper gardens. This model has multiple applications. On the other hand, this model is flexible & can be quickly deployed as a garden office or home office & spacious enough to use as a (holiday) home &/or care home. The modern container units &-homes from Addhome group are equipped with the necessary comfort. The customer has the option to further equip this model with a kitchen, bathroom &/or toilet.

Model Atlas, abbreviation M6 (7,5x6,0m/45,0m2)

With its 45 square meters of surface area, the Atlas is the perfect holiday home &/or care home for a single person, a couple or small family. It has a higher interior height, large windows, good insulation & a spacious feeling with all the comfort to live in. If this model is used as a residential unit, an architect and an environmental permit are required. The modern container units &-homes from Addhome group are equipped with the necessary comfort. The customer has the option to further equip this model with a kitchen, bathroom &/or toilet.

Residential construction, abbreviation MXX (>45,0m2)


Today, Addhome group has a production site of +/-5.000 m2 in Waregem for the production of modern container units &-homes.

The production site in Waregem is located in at strategic location in the center between the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam in the Netherlands & Le Havre in France. As an example, the heat map below visualizes the supply of 40FT high cube containers end of 2023. Approximately 24% of the available 40FT high cube containers in Europe end of 2023 are located in the ports mentioned.

Heatmap supply of 40FT high cube containers end of 2023


Addhome group has several reliable partners in Belgium and abroad. Some of these key partners are:

  • Arnoldus Glass from Remshalden (Germany).
  • XChange from Hamburg (Germany).
  • Soudal from Turnhout (Belgium).
  • Unilin from Wielsbeke (Belgium).
  • PAX from Alphen Aan Den Rijn (Netherlands).


Addhome group profiles itself as a dynamic and cheerful team. A balanced, honest & open-minded spirit is key. The team members of Addhome group all believe in the potential of the modular construction building method and exude this enthusiasm. Addhome group's management promotes the importance of a flat organizational structure and supports the personal and professional growth of its team members. There is a free, transparent and open way of communication and a good balance between work and private life. The Addhome motto: “WORK HARD, PLAY HARD”.



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Shares in the company (total round) 19.139%
Pre-money valuation €4,225,000
Post-money valuation min. €4,250,000
Post-money valuation max. €5,225,000