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Incredible! Creo² achieved its initial fundraising objective in a few days. Willing to invest with the crowd, business angels and an investment fund? It is still possible.

Creo² offers shops a tablet solution to increase their positive impact & communicate it to their customers. In-store promotions like “Buy for 30€ = your shop offers you a positive impact” allow responsible stores to increase their planet-friendly actions without losing money. Everybody wins.

On a tablet at the counter, customers choose which NGO the shop will support: offer a meal to one in need, administer a vaccine in the developing countries, or even plant a tree. For free.


At Creo² we prefer to talk about solutions than problems. Everyone knows the world is facing a tremendous amount of environmental, social and humanitarian issues. Messages are too often negative. Creo² aims to change this: many positive & scalable solutions exist. Our ambition is to put these solutions at your fingertips in any store, and make it fun and enjoyable to have a positive impact.


So how does it work?

  • Shops can subscribe to Creo². It's super simple: they get the installation, tablet & holder for free. They like that! All they pay is a fee that ranges between €0.40 and €0.75 for each positive action selected on the tablet. The exact price depends on their volume (minimum 50 actions/month, i.e. 2 per business day). A caution is asked for the tablet to avoid theft.
  • It's 100% free for the end-user, who chooses the shop's positive action (3 choices).
  • Creo² collaborates with best-in-class NGOs by making donations based on the clicks performed in our stores and making sure the money is used for its purpose.

When installed, the shop owner chooses his promotional message and when to offer a positive action to his/her customers. Possibilities are limitless and can be changed over time: "Buy 3 products = one positive impact", "Collect 5 stamps on our loyalty card = one positive impact", "Bring 2 friends to the restaurant = one positive action", "Buy a dessert = one positive action", etc.

The picture below shows how it works and what's in for everyone.

To strengthen our positive impact, our vision is to further incentivize stores to monitor and reduce their footprint thanks to our web platform. How? By allowing them to set and communicate green objectives, share best practices, etc. Everything happens on the tablet.

All in all, why do our clients like us?

  • Achievable positive impact: that is what drives us and what people like the most: doing good is now so simple & fun.
  • Direct sales: that's what makes it possible. Traditional marketing techniques are replaced by responsible ones: green promotions, green coupons or green loyalty cards.
  • Engagement and image: beyond image benefits and visibility (facebook, etc.), more than 80% of our users talk about their good deed around them. That's great worth-of-mouth.

Social Business

Creo² has two objectives : our main objective is to have a societal impact, our second objective is to have a reasonably profitable business. We believe that both are important, as being profitable will allow us to scale our positive impact, continue to innovate and stay competitive.

In practice, what does that mean?

  • We put limits on the salaries of our management
  • Most of the profit will be reinvested in Creo²'s growth, innovations to increase our societal impact, or directly funded to NGOs
  • Our investors are part of the equation to make our model work. Similarly to other startups, our community (shops + users) has a lot of value as such. This means our value will increase as we grow. We believe that our investors can get a significant capital gain for this.

Creo² aims to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, we established an ethical charter available here.

Download Creo² Principles of Social Business.pdf

Marketing strategy

Spread the word: that's our strategy. We want to reach 250 to 800 shops within one year, across several sales channels:
- Our sales team: our objective is that one salesman converts one shop per day. We plan to largely rely on external professional sales people: they convert stores in their own region and are paid per converted shop. We already met great candidates. Let us know if you know someone in your region!
- Ambassadors: Our strength is worth-of-mouth, people like free positive impact. Why not allow anyone convinced by the idea to convert a few stores? That will be our ambassadors, who will install Creo² in shops they know and get a financial compensation for this.
- NGO partners: our partners spontaneously suggested to offer Creo² to shops in their network as this is a valuable source of funding for them.

Internationalisation strategy

The Creo² concept is easy to export: even in a situation with only one shop in a country, the shop still has the advantage of being very exclusive with Creo². So it's easy to start in a new country. It's also easy to grow, as our clients will then benefit from a community of buyers choosing shops with Creo².
We plan to internationalize as soon as we reach break even, in our second year.

Main partners

The Creo² tablet solution has been launched two months ago. Creo² now runs in more than 20 shops, mainly in Louvain-La-Neuve. Our Early Adopters helped us to finetune our product to get ready for our quick growth.

NGOs highly appreciate what we do. Creo² does not only give them a new source of funding, but also visibility on the impact they have. We select NGOs based on the quality of their work and to be able to meet any customer's sensibilities with complementary projects: local and global projects, social and ecological projects.