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ViViDoctor Revolutionizes Doctor Visits

Let's face it, doctor visits aren't convenient. You need to take almost half a day off from work to travel through traffic to only end up in a waiting room with other sick people. Our busy lifestyles make us ignore our health problems because of this heavy cost.

Furthermore, the elderly and people with limited mobility have difficulties seeing doctors whenever they need to. And if you are a frequent traveler, continuity of care is an unrealistic hope for you.

Finally, hospitals are under high and constant pressure to cut costs and to increase quality of care while having limited resources.

ViViDoctor is here to increase the accessibility of care once and for all.

Why Invest in ViViDoctor

  • An all-star team geared for success: an experienced CEO who worked at RIZIV/INAMI, Microsoft, IBM and dozens of other prestigious firms. A Chief Medical Officer who is an entrepreneurial MD in ophthalmology. A CTO who has the experience of scaling his previous start up from 0 to millions of users.
  • They have been selected as one of the top 50 startups to invest in by Trends et Tendances.
  • A proven success: 4 of Belgium's most prestigious hospitals (Saint-Luc, CHU Liege, Sint-Elisabeth and WondzorgCentrum) have joined ViViDoctor's network. They also have 3 GPs, 1 psychologist and 1 psychotherapist.
  • First mover advantage in Belgium: ViViDoctor is the first and only video-based medical advice platform in Belgium. Even though there are competitors in other countries, ViViDoctor has advantages over many of them, but in Belgium ViViDoctor is the flag bearer.
  • Telemedicine is the fastest growing trend in Health Tech and with the pressure of cost cutting measures, ViViDoctor is at the crossroads of a perfect opportunity.
  • Support us to make care more accessible for people with limited mobility, elderly and living in the rural areas.


The way we visit doctors have not changed for centuries. It is costly to travel to a doctor's office and to take time off from work, pay for parking, pay for gas and sit in a waiting room. With busy lifestyles and ever-decreasing access to care, doctor visits are ready for disruption.

The revolution is already happening at a dizzying pace in the United States, the United Kingdom, Nordic countries and France.

ViViDoctor Responds To a True Need

The video below has aired on RTBF in the programme "Questions a la Une" and presented ViViDoctor as a technological solution for doctor shortage.

Belgium: One of the most doctor visiting countries


An Easy to Use Web and Mobile Platform

We have built a mobile app (iOS and Android) for patients and a web app for doctors with a solid secure video & text connection between the two. The patients can either: book a meeting with a doctor of their choice using the built-in appointment system, or ask for an on-demand video consultation. Below is a snapshot of the web and mobile platforms we have developed.

After the call is established the doctor investigates the problems and answers questions through the camera of the mobile device. During this process ViViDoctor gathers all the necessary data from the consumer's wearable devices into the his dashboard for a more informed visit. If deemed necessary, the doctor then writes up an e-prescription.

Marketing strategy

We are servicing to patients and hospitals. Therefore we will build a direct sales channel with the funds raised by hiring two sales experts and one full time marketer.

Our communication manager is responsible for
1) Creating organic relationships between patients and ViViDoctor, by producing blog articles and video content
2) Manage the communication and the brand.
3) Create a consistent and durable social media following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
4) Reach out to influencers e.g busy moms and dads, travellers, etc
5) Organise and participate in health related events (offline conversion)
6) Reach out to the press and distribute our content.

Our brand will build on accessibility and convenience, aligned with our vision and long term goals.

Distribution strategy

iOS App store, Google Play store and web are our distribution channels.

Internationalisation strategy

ViViDoctor is building a playbook as it progresses to make healthcare accessible to everyone in Belgium. We will copy and adapt this playbook for the next countries, which are expected to be France and Germany.
In every new country we establish ourselves, we will start building our presence 1) Online 2) Via our main channel building strategy, hospital partnerships. This ability is already proven by having 4 hospitals on board.
As an ultimate step we aim to reach cross border care-giving experience regardless of the location of the physician or the patient.

Intellectual Property

ViViDoctor has created, and fully owns

  • The source code and development of the website, mobile and web applications (iOS and Google Play)
  • Hospital, Provider Network and Partnerships
  • The ViViDoctor brand, logo, promotional videos and website content

Major contracts

We have a contract with Hospital Saint-Luc, WondzorgCentrum. As for CHU Liege and Sint-Elisabeth Zottegem, the contracts are still pending.

Main partners

Prestigious Partnerships

We are proud to have 4 of Belgium's upscale hospitals and clinics as our partners, specially in an environment that's extremely hard to convert.


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