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Skinoo produces breastfeeding rings in natural cotton against nipple cracking. They can be purchased in pharmacies and baby shops.
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Skinoo produces breastfeeding rings in natural cotton against nipple cracking. They can be purchased in pharmacies and baby shops.

Skinoo is a new, patented invention to help mothers enjoy their breastfeeding. Many women suffer from chapping and cracks which can be very painful and force them to abandon breastfeeding.

The rings are placed on the nipple in the bra between the breastfeeding sessions. It allows:

• to protect nipples from rubbings and irritating contacts with fabrics,
• to prevent nipples from getting crushed and avoid skin folds in the bra,
• to let the skin breathe in order to prevent maceration and promote healing,
• to enhance oils, gel, creams or breast milk drop penetration by preventing absorption through pads or fabrics.

The company was created in April 2013 by Jasmine De Wulf, a 43 years old mother of 4. The product was launched in June of the same year. Jasmine wanted to put on the market a new solution to improve the living comfort of mothers and their baby.

The breastfeeding rings were designed on the basis of her own experience and with advice of doctors. They were developed with the help of a research center specialized in medical devices. In the future, Jasmine would like to develop a new range of innovative products to meet the particular comfort needs of new mothers.

In Belgium, the product can be purchased in pharmacies and baby shops in local network or on internet. Three pharmacy wholesalers are currently distributing Skinoo to a very large share of the Belgian pharmacies network.
Export opportunities and sales partnerships are currently under negotiation in Belgium, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and Canada.

Awards received

• “Bourse de préactivité” from Walloon Region: 12.500 euros

• “Enterprize” price for the best Health and Wellness project in 2012 : 2000 euros

• “Caring Entrepreneurship Fund” at King Baldwin Foundation in 2013: 25. 000 euros refundable advance.

• “Boost Belgium” prize in 2013, powered by Belfius Bank and Mastercard: 15. 000 euros

Skinoo development status:
The product is available in 3 Belgian Pharmacies wholesalers, 2 online pharmacies and 5 baby shops since june 2013.
Belgian distribution network is operational.
The network needs to be developed thanks to the help of sales partnerships with distributors. We are currently negotiating.

Actually we are selling approximately 75 boxes a month in Belgium without advertising campaign nor BtoB promotion.
We are also currently negociating export partnerships in Spain (10 000 boxes a year), Netherlands and Canada.


“Enterprize” price in 2012 : 2000 euros for the best Health and Wellness projectFirst price among 243 applications at “Boost Belgium” price powered by Belfius Bank and Mastercard in 2013: 15 000 euros

Financial support:

“Bourse de préactivié” from Walloon region: 12 500 euros“Caring Enterpreneurship Fund” at King Baldwin Foundation in 2013: 25 000 euros refundable advance.


"Réseau Entreprendre" : Mentor Mr. Christian Bauwens former Director at Kraft Jacobs Suchard.Awex Mentoring for export : Mentor François Fornieri CEO at Mithra (women health products)

Development support:

Awex coach and export expert from 2013Finance consultant : Start&Invest from 2013Caring Entrepreneurship Fund : Mr Pradier (former HRD at UCB and Rocq Doliveux CEO at UCB) from 2012 Innovatech: Innovation support from 2011Centexbel: R&D in medical textile from 2011Challenge: Start up creation support from 2011CreaPME: 2 months training and workshops to create a enterprise in 2011UCM from 2013Chambre de Commerce of Libramont from 2013

Business Networks:

Réseau EntreprendreDianeMompreneursFAR : Femmes Actives en RéseauFCE : Femmes Chers d'Entreprise100 000 entrepreneurs


The target population is essentially the new mothers during the first weeks of breastfeeding. About half of mothers who are breastfeeding suffer from nipple chapping and cracking. The pain they are going through is one of the main reasons for breastfeeding cessation.

Breastfeeding is yet strongly recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the medical world. It offers indeed many advantages for both baby and mother, for obvious medical and emotional but also economic reasons.

Awareness raising campaigns are echoed by national and international organizations, such as La Leche League, the Baby Friendly label or even Infor Allaitement. Ministry of health and insurance agencies are also involved in this action, as breastfeeding leads to savings in health care.


Distribution in Belgium:

Pharmacies: Skinoo is distributed by three pharmaceutical wholesalers and can therefore be purchased in almost all pharmacies, a number of online pharmacies and drugstores.

Baby stores: Skinoo can also be purchased in some childcare stores and online shops which have a corner dedicated to breastfeeding.


Four partnership projects are currently under consideration:

• United Kingdom: via Laurence Loreaux, a representative educated in international trade and selected by the Belgian Exportation Agency (AWEX). She will be in charge of business development on the British market and will stay in London for 2 months from February 2014.

• Spain: via a company with a network of 1000 drugstores and acting as a distributor to other sales channels such as pharmacies, drugstores, nature stores and childcare stores.

• France: initially via an online baby shop. Other possibilities are on the horizon in the pharmacy network.

• Netherlands: via a distributor acting as a promoter of breastfeeding products to maternity staff and gynecologist. They sell to pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and specialized baby stores.

• Canada: via an export agent experimented in pharmaceutical herbal products including a pregnancy and lactation range.