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Your caregiver remains at your disposal after a consultation or hospitalization!

Advelox is the start-up that offers to strengthen the relationship between patients and their own caregivers by providing a mobile web application, allowing them to send questions (medically related, administrative, ...) after leaving the consultation or the hospitalisation in a secure GDPR environment.

The patient is not only reassured, he/she gains valuable time and avoids moving unnecessarily while not disturbing his/her caregiver, often busy with consultations.

The caregivers find in Advelox a tool to organise themselves differently, allowing them to better focus on their consultation. He/She will treat the questions of patients who try to reach him by phone, mail, SMS, WhatsApp, ... at a time that suits him/her and in a secure way. Better management of his/her time and more satisfied patients are the outcomes.

The tests were conclusive!

More than 150 users are registered and have used Advelox, mostly patients supported by some caregivers. Some even re-subscribed (paid version) which demonstrates the added value of the app.
Advelox carefully studies the impact of its use by its members. Each advice will have allowed the patient to save 90 minutes and avoid having to make a trip of +/- 18km! Imagine the impact of a wider use!


Today, a patient coming out of a consultation or hospitalisation often remains unsatisfied with the issues that arise at that time. With a little luck, the phone, an SMS or an email allows him to receive an answer from his caregiver. But, very often, he is obliged to find an alternative. The Internet offers a wealth of information, but more often he/she comes out more anxious. Some patients will go for medical shopping or will populate already overcrowded emergency departments.

A solution such as Advelox will decrease the number of consultations by 10%

In Belgium, every year more than 30 million consultations are carried out in general medicine. Add to this the consultations made by specialists and other specialists, physiotherapists, nurses and other health professionals, the course of 100 million trips will be largely exceeded. Knowing that 10% does not require consultation, a solution like Advelox will have a significant impact not only on the public health budget but also on our environment and time management.


Advelox: The Secure What's App for Medical Advice

Advelox has implemented a web / mobile application that allows patients to send questions in a few clicks to their own caregivers 24h/24h and 7d/7d. Our users confirm that the platform helps them to:

  • be quickly reassured
  • avoid moving
  • avoid consultation for questions that do not require it
  • win precious time

Advelox allows you to ask questions about:

  • requests for medical advice
  • renewals of prescriptions
  • requests for certificates
  • information requests about lab results
  • booking an appointment
  • sickfunds information
  • other (non-urgent) medically related questions

Marketing strategy

Advelox wants to set up a pull and push strategy!

By focusing on a few "user cases" such as sleep disorders related pathologies, the number of caregivers will reach a critical mass in this specific segment. To convert caregivers, a good mix of digital strategy, thanks to our partner Mediquality / Medscape, and off line (personal contact, events), also via partnerships (with medical associations) or other commercial partnerships (like the one established with Tonguelab).

Each caregiver will convert his/her patients during the consultation, explaining that it will not be inconvenient to contact him/her via unsecured means and by proposing Advelox.

Advelox has also incorporated "viral" functions allowing everyone to invite other patients and caregivers to register on the platform.

Distribution strategy

Advelox will essentially need to convert caregivers. The key to success lies in bringing caregivers on board (see above).

Internationalisation strategy

Advelox enters the Belgian market with as first service the medical advice. The solution is scalable worldwide. We already have some foreign users. Advelox first wants to succeed on the Belgian market and then wants to develop its solution and its network of carergivers and patients across borders. Advelox will also propose other services that are not yet developed by other players abroad . The exchange of advice between careregivers, as recommended by the Belgian Federation of Physicians is one that can be easily implemented through the unique network approach that offers Advelox.

Intellectual Property

Advelox owns 100% of the intellectual property of its solution.
The brand "Advelox" was filed.

Major contracts

Advelox has not entered into any material contracts that could materially affect the financial results.

Main partners

Advelox has created some new partnerships that will accelerate the traction of the solution:

  • TongueLab : medical device company in the treatment of sleep disorders
  • MediQuality/Medscape : commercial support allowing Advelox to reach a very large medical community
  • Itsme : state of the art securing user identification

Other partnerships with medical associations, insurers or other pharmaceutical companies are under discussion


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