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The virtual reality platform that facilitates real estate purchase
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Nirli aims to transform the real estate sector by providing immersive experiences through virtual reality.

Nirli allows its customers to see in real life and size any future building not yet constructed.


For most people, real estate is an important part of their budget. We are investing 20, 25, 30 years of hard work to reimburse loans. However, despite new technologies, people still have the same few tools to validate their choice, these being a 2D map, pictures and brochures.

This means that

- it takes a lot of time to understand the architecture of the building and compare the various scenarios;

- there is no tool to collaboratively review or comment the project between professionals and customers;

Furthermore, all family members, professionals involved in the project see or understand differently the building and create their own ideas.


Nirli eases the comprehension of the building architecture by allowing everyone to accurately see the exact buildings.

Nirli reduces drastically the time spent on explaining architecture, textures and details. Thus, saving you time.

Client benefits:

- see one scenario after the other;

- walk around the building at night or day without having time issues;

- explore the surrounding environment;

- share your feedback on what you like or not;

- as of 2019, access our platform to create your live VR environment.

Access to your dedicated portal

Upload your 2D plan and information. We create then your virtual reality experience.

the customer pay per square meter depending the finition requested

Marketing strategy

- allow live testing of the solution in B2C environments such as conferences, supermarket, trade fairs;
- continue to present the services to B2B customers as key differentiators to promote their building or architecture;
- innovate using new additional technologies not yet implemented in real estate such as brain controller or artificial intelligence.

Distribution strategy

Nirli is distributing the VR service via our cloud platform.

Nirli is currently distributing in Wallonia and Brussels and will start in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium in Q3 2018.

The second pillar of our distribution strategy is the internationalisation that will start by 2019.
Continue to find associtions with the main suppliers or niche players to provide best experiences

Internationalisation strategy

Internationalisation is one of our main focal points:
- nirli has already attended an Asian mission in November 2017 to look for partners in China and to meet HTC;
- nirli is analysing the Canadian market via an HEC/Awex export partnership;
- nirli will start the international franchising by 2019, allowing managers in other countries to use our platform for their country.

Intellectual Property

Nirli currently holds no patents and efficiently uses the available technologies to create the VR service.

Nirli foresees (within a period of 12 months) to file a patent for the interfacing of "VR moving" through thought thanks to developments made on the Neurable toolkit.

Major contracts

nirli has provided its virtual reality services to various customers

Main partners

Nirli has four main partners:

1. HTC Vive for the VR hardware;

2. HP BeNeLux for the computer VR hardware;

3. Amazon for the cloud platform hosting service;

4. Neurable for the brain controller.

nirli has signed a convertible loan with Wing Digital and collaborates with Belfius for its bank and insurance part

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