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What if recruiting were as simple as shopping online?
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Joboxx Recruitment Technologies developed, an online "Talent Recruitment Tool". This development aims to help small and medium sized enterprises, that thanks to get free access to the professional recruitment software they deserve. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

"What if recruiting were as simple as shopping online?"

OUR VISION: The "War for Talent" is gaining importance because of the aging workforce and the changing working culture. Technological developments are shaping the future and changing the way people look at work, employers and how candidates want to find work or be found. Finding the right people for the right position remains a time consuming, costly and inefficient occupation in most organisations. A changing world requires updated recruitment methods.

OUR MISSION: We want to become the new standard for talent recruitment. By approaching the H.R. market with a high tech Talent Recruitment Tool and a disruptive business model, we believe that will represent to the recruitment industry, what is to the hotel industry.

"For text documents, everyone uses Word, for spreadsheets Excel and Powerpoint for presentations. How can it be, that for what is believed to be one of the most important tasks of companies, no universal tool exists?"

Jean Faniel - CTO & co-founder


Convenient easy-to-use technology, combined with excellent customer support are the undisputed trend for now and for the future. It fits right in with 'Agile Recruitment' or with Mobile-, Referral- and Social Recruiting. A Candidate Centric App and tool based on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Most organisations do not have enough recurring job openings to validate the acquisition of expensive and highly technological recruitment software solutions.

"Agile Recruitment is more than a set of tools, it's a way of life. Joboxx Recruitment Technologies wants to empower organisations in this new way of recruiting by giving them access to the right technology.

Didier Decaestecker - CEO & co-founder


Once registered to, the use of the recruitment software is completely free. The business model does not rely on selling expensive licence fees, instead revenue is generated from commissions and fees earned from the resales of job postings or as intermediary between joboxx users and interim and recruitment agencies, freelance recruitment professionals or by selling online assessments and other services.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Joboxx offers organisations access to its online "Talent Recruitment Tool", that will help them better manage their recruitment process. Joboxx offers a "convenience layer" between recruiters, the recruitment market and the candidates by becoming the "first & single point of contact for:

  • publishing job offers on job sites (publiboxx)
  • hiring freelance professionals (helpboxx)
  • outsourcing to temps or search & selection agencies
  • online assessments

By using the latest research and developments in Artificial Intelligence and by intelligently processing "Big Data", Joboxx can advise its users in selecting the right channels and partners allowing higher conversion and succes rates. Wholesale purchase of job postings and services will allow Joboxx to offer its customers more competitive retail prices.

Marketing strategy

By combining a growth Hacking style, an online Marketing strategy with an impressive "Drive Time" radio campaign, we are confident to drive enough traffic to our website. Our business model requires a speedy market introduction.

Distribution strategy

Joboxx's Talent Recruitment Tool is accessible online, in the cloud, so distribution relies on Brand Awareness and Findability. Converting and retaining first time users is a question of excellent "customer care"

Internationalisation strategy

Belgium is infamous for market leadership when it comes down to the number of unfilled positions within Europe. It is also the country that holds the highest share of small and medium sized companies, therefore we choose Belgium as the ideal country to launch our business model. But that is only the beginning. We aim to seek further investments in the coming years allowing us to launch our service the same way in other countries.

Intellectual Property is the website that houses the Talent Recruitment Tool of Joboxx Recruitment Technologies, a tech startup that holds its office in the beautiful city of Ghent. The technology has been thoroughly tested and is ready for market introduction. Joboxx Recruitment Technologies is the sole proprietor of the software, the URL and the brand

Major contracts

We have successfully introduced to the first potential partners and customers. Reactions are unanimously enthusiastic. We have closed our first agreement with and discussions with Job@t, Vacature are ongoing. Contacts have been initiated with Stepstone and LinkedIn.

The companies to whom we have pitched our idea are eager to start using, and come from various lines of business (online advertising, financial information and the care sector). We have co-created out tools features with the help from some seasoned HR and Recruitment Business Partners.


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