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PLANNR.EU simplifies the life for anyone with a dream abroad.

Team My Global Dreams

Whether you are looking to buy a second home abraod, become an professional expat or just want to spend your retirement in a more sunny place, you will be confronted with a pile of paperwork! Since you are also unfamiliar with the local legislation, processes and tax regime, you will most likely need the help of professionals.

With, our online planningstool, we will help you go through every step of this complex process! Within a few simple clicks you can arrange your entire plan abroad and find the perfect partners to help you on your journey.


Anyone who wants to move abroad faces a variety of problems:

  • Legislation and fiscal regimes are different from what they're used to
  • How are pensions and social security arranged?
  • An unknown language
  • Different way of doing things
  • Etc.

But that's not all. There is a long list of practicalities that need to be dealt with:

  • Requesting a visa, permit or fiscal number
  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting insurance
  • Finding the perfect property or place to stay
  • How about finding a suitable school for the children?
  • And off course; who's helping us to move our stuff?

The fact that you inevitably come accross contradictory information online about the things that you need to do, does not really help either. Add a bunch of pushy salesmen to the equation and you end up lost and stressed out!

Idea is a free and online planning tool for expats and second home owners. After they create an account, providing some basic information about their planning, a personalized dashboard will be loaded. This dashboard contains all the necessary steps the user has to go through for his/her project abroad.

For each step, the user has a to do list, the necessary information and -if applicable- offers can be requested for services related to the step. Furthermore the user is able to manage the budget, suppliers may use the application as a basis for their CRM and communication is centralized to keep the overview. Both the service provider and the user will have a clear insight in the actual status of the different steps and to do's.

Internationalisation strategy

For destination countries France, Spain and Portugal, we already have our own network of service providers that can service our users from A-to-Z

However for new destinations, we have a slightly different approach. Within a SaaS-first strategy, we will onboard service providers and relocation agencies that have their own network that can help with the entire spectrum of services needed (rather than to compose our own network).

Main partners

Thanks to our experience with My Global Dreams, we already have a decent network of about 45 partners in France, Spain and Portugal. This network of service providers will allow us to launch relatively fast after our launch. Besides this network, we also have a strong foundation of partners that can help us with the expansion towards other destination countries.