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Internships are great to develop skills that a student couldn't get out of a book or an academic course. Through theses experiences, a student sets himself up for a bright future after graduation.

TYRO recruits high potential student interns for dynamic SME's

TYRO is a digital recruitment agency dedicated to talented students looking for valuable internships.

Our mission is to find the internship which perfectly fits with the student’s skills, expectations and motivation.


In the student's perspective (our users): Each year 4.5 million internships are offered in Europe (among which, 30% have no learning content). Applying to countless internship postings and hoping to secure the right one is not an easy task. Therefore, the risk of being stuck in the wrong internship is high and can lead to a drastic waste of time.

In the SME's perspective (our clients): Finding the right talent for an internship takes a lot of time and having the wrong intern is worse than having no intern at all

Our clients are looking for smart & proactive interns to boost their business. However, it takes a lot of time to recruit them: posting internship offers on platforms and social networks, screening cv's, conducting interviews to filter unfitted & uninterested candidates....Even when they've found your top candidate, they still have to close the deal as top candidates usually receive many internship offers.


Tyro sources and selects talented interns for SME’s who will contribute to boost their business while learning by doing. The company gives us a quick description of the ideal profile. A couple a days/weeks later we present them with the profile we have selected through online interviews and the company can then invite him/her for a final face-to-face interview in its office.

Sourcing and selecting these talented students is our field of expertise. We know how to do it and we leverage tech tools to make it efficient (chatbot, interview through videocall, online booking, etc). Plus, the more we extend our activity, the more we benefit from economies of scale.

We source and select candidates continuously and we provide the best talents with internship opportunities that match their skills, their expectations, their drive and their availabilities of course. This matching is the key to get the best ones.

Marketing strategy

We aim at creating a sense of belonging to a community among our students. Therefore, we connect with them during our monthly events and social media. Also, we encourage our talented students to recruit for us through our referral system.

Distribution strategy

To contact SMEs, we use email/call. We use videocalls to introduce our services and to close deals.

NB: we've had to stop the proactive sales 2 months ago as we're receiving more demands than we can execute.

Internationalisation strategy

Internationalization is not required to deliver our business plan. Indeed, we receive candidate from abroad, but our target market of SME's (for the next 3 years) is Belgium.

Intellectual Property

Not applicable (with the exception of the brand TYRO, registered in the Benelux)

Major contracts

We have already delivered at >30 clients including Sortlist, Itinari, BePark, DigitYser, Elle & Marie-Claire, SNCube, Extrapreneurs.org, Sagacify, Look & Fin, AdUX, WonderFul Women, Pootsy, SilverSquare, Treedy's, Preesale, ...

We experience à 20% growth MoM since January 18.

Main partners

Securex has demonstrated a solid interest towards the startup. Securex bought a call option on the startup after 2 years with no fixed price and a cap value at 4M€.