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PASHA is an acronym for PARKING SHARING

PASHA is a community service that addresses mobility issues in highly congested areas. The main activity allow parking on the public road in front of a garage. PASHA service uses a digital signage connected to a multi-user application.

How does it work?

I have a garage :

I register my garage on the PASHA platform.I receive the digital signage and fix it on the garage door. Then, I set up my default license plate number. Finally, I manage the signage's availability schedule via the PASHA platform.

I am a driver :

I open the PASHA mobile app and find the available spots with the maximum time authorised around my position in real time. I go there and park on the road in front of the garare. Again, through the app I insert my license plate number.By clicking the "GO" button, my license plate number is displayed on the digital signage and my parking time begins. When I leave, by clicking the "STOP" button, my license plate number is replaced by the one defined by default and my parking time is counted.

The benefits of a collaborative economy

The driver pays the garage owner for the display of his license plate number on the digital signage via the PASHA platform. Pasha Parking charges a service fee to the driver.


The search for a parking place :

Parking is the starting and end point of any trip. The parking problem directly concerns the need for places (resident parking, park&ride) and indirectly the search time of a parking place. Indeed, in many urban centers, studies show that one in three persons is searching for a parking place. Many testimonies and articles show that the parking problem is one of the citizens' and politics' major concerns.


The "smart" digital signage ?

You wonder why the PASHA mobile app is connected to a digital signage? Why is it necessary to display the license plate number on it? Simply because it allows you to comply with the exception to the parking prohibition listed in the article 25.1 paragraph 3 of the traffic regulation.

Our zonal strategy, "because each place counts" :

The service offered by PASHA is declined according to the 4 following lines:

  • THE PARKING METER ZONE make it possible to boost the commercial and economic activities of urban centers.
  • THE BLUE ZONE allows medium and long-term parking for a modal shift to the underground, tramway and self-service bikes.
  • THE EVENING ZONE boosts the HoReCa and the cultural sectors.
  • THE NIGHT ZONE allows parking between residents.

No parking meter & no disk

The place in front of garage is not included in the limited time parking reglementation. The user pay only for the display of his license plate number, thanks to the garage'owner service and the Pasha service.

Pasha tarification

The many benefits of PASHA :

These various types of places help to reduce the search time for a parking place and therefore the carbon footprint! Indeed, remember that one in three person is looking for a place. This search can take up to 15 minutes during the day and up to 1 hour at night in certain neighborhoods. On top of that, during this time, the car travels up to 5 km. Miles that go up in smoke!

For many companies requiring regular and varied journeys during the day, PASHA service allows them to travel up to 20% fewer kilometers, or 2,000 km per year. In short a gain in economic and especially ecological terms.

And again ... a saving of time which means a gain of productivity and comfort for the economic activities.

Marketing strategy

The marketing and communication strategy respond to the setting up of a marketplace like that of PASHA.
Namely, it takes a double strategy, one for the garages offer and the other for drivers.
For the garages offer, we have a database on Brussels that allows direct communication.
We will also use the specialized press like communal newspapers.
For the drivers, the targeted channels are:
1) trade press e.g.: via the Chamber of Commerce & Union of Enterprises of Brussels (BECI) for the fleets of vehicles in parking zone and for the commuters in blue zone
2) specialised events - union of traders, Atrium for the time meter and evening zones
3) communal press for the NIGHT zone
4) social networks for a general communication

Distribution strategy

PASHA platform declines as:
- the website where the user has access to profile management, garage availability and billing;
- the mobile application where the user has access to payment of the service, means of payment, profile management and garage availability.
The mobile application is free and will be available on Play store and Apple store.
The digital signage will be delivered by AMAZON.
The first signages will be delivered and fixed by our services in Brussels .
The signage support will be carried out by a specialized company.

Internationalisation strategy

Our financial plan only takes the Belgian market into account.
In the course of 2019, we will study in depth the countries where it is possible to offer PASHA service.
The strategy of internationalization will consist of opening our service in the main cities in order to be immediately considered as the leader.

Intellectual Property

Pasha Parking has all the rights of the PASHA platform and the associated brand.

Major contracts

We received requests to use our service from companies with home services. We are also on the agenda at the council of Mayors of the 19 communes of Brussels.