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Scorrd is a platform (soon to be a mobile app) that brings together athletes and other passionate people to discuss and find everything they need related to their sport. Being created by passionate field hockey players, Scorrd has been launched as a community platform for hockey passionate. After 8 months Scorrd became the home for more than 4500 members, being players, clubs, coaches, fans and brands. They all find opportunities to connect with their peers, discover new opportunities and share their passion, hockey.


The growth of field hockey

Field hockey is growing at an incredible pace. Only in Belgium the number of hockey players increases by a minimum of 10% every year, whereas the total size of the hockey market is estimated at 3 million players. Additionally to its growth, the hockey population is also widely dispersed over all continents. The geographical spread and the growth of the last 10 years have created a new market with a lot of challenges and opportunities:

  • Because of the difference in level between different countries people tend to travel a lot to play hockey abroad
  • This globalization provokes the need for more transparency and communication
  • The equipment market and the sponsor market is following the rapid growth of the sport
  • Media attention (mainly through broadcasting) is increasing


A more transparent market

The first idea came out of the observation that there wasn't any transparent information available about the different worldwide actors. People wanting to move (or clubs wanting to attract talent) have no information to make well-informed decisions. Therefore Scorrd has the aim to facilitate professional players, expats and students to find the perfect club abroad and for clubs to make well-informed decisions.

An interactive community of passionate people

In a second phase we started to see more opportunities with the growing hockey community. Our platform that started as a Linkedin model evolved into a more interactive community platform. The idea of the platform is that all stakeholders (players, coaches, clubs, brands, fans, etc.) can interact, share and find all kind of different content and services. We're aggregating different content partners (innovative broadcasting, hockey blogs, etc.) as well as new products and services provided by external partners.

How we landed on the Hockey market.
The hockey recruitment community story

Marketing strategy

Our Marketing Strategy is phased in different steps and through different channels.
We started by approaching the passionate and curious hockey players as well as all players looking to move abroad. While doing so we created a large network of ambassadors over the world.
Having set up a nice first network of influencers and ambassadors we're ready for phase 2: testing new features and ideas we have. In the next 6 months, we're testing out different things to better understand our members.
The Third step will be boosting through our ambassadors and through all our social channels those couple of features we found out to be extremely relevant for most of our members.
Finally (for the hockey community at least) we will start working more closely with clubs to scale our communities. Therefore we need to know our members' needs and have enough (inter)active members on the platform.

Distribution strategy

As explained as part of our marketing strategy, the distribution will go mainly through our network of ambassadors and our social media channels in the first phase. The more our community will become interactive, the more distribution will come through our members. In a next phase, we will work more closely with clubs and federations.
Once we managed to reach relevant numbers (and enough interactivity) we will start introducing new revenue models towards clubs, brands and even the professional players.

Internationalisation strategy

Our platform is currently home for hockey players, coaches and fans from over 34 countries. Our focus has been naturally on Belgium and Spain to start with. While discovering the difference in culture in the different hockey nations the Scorrd team is preparing different campaigns in different regions.

Intellectual Property

Scorrd has been working with a digital agency that is also financially engaged in the company. The intellectual property of the platform is ownership of Scorrd BVBA.

Major contracts

The Scorrd Ambassador Network

The last 12 months the team has been working hard to establish a network of ambassadors that share the Scorrd values; we carefully selected 20 ambassadors out of 20 different hockey nations. They're all passionate about hockey and willing to help out to grow and connect the hockey community.

Partnerships with major organisations

We're proud to announce that we have successfully closed partnerships with some powerful organisations in all departments of the hockey market. We're working closely together with the EHF (European Hockey Federation) and the FIH (International Hockey Federation) and we have partnerships with some international broadcasting partners. Currently we're in final discussions with a worldwide giant in the sports retail business.