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The Tripadvisor for kids!

Holidays, the weekend, kids clamoring to get out and do something, but you just can’t think of anything? The free app PARC- a social network which helps parents to keep up and share the agenda and hobbies of their kids with other parents - compiles thousands of amazing child-friendly hotspots where they can do fun stuff, stay overnight, eat and drink or even shop with the kids!

  • Find the nicest child-friendly hotspots!
  • Share them with your network of (grand)parents!
  • Read or write reviews!
  • Add to favorites!
  • Plan stuff!
  • Carpool and navigate!
  • And so much more coming up soon!

Selected by the App Store as favorite of the week in The Netherlands and in Germany

"A briljant musthave app for parents!"
— Meervanmir


Kids have an average of 200 days off per year (including weekends). Of course, for them this is great, but for the parents, this can be a logistic disaster to arrange or plan the lives of their offspring. Every parent knows the hundreds of WhatsApp groups, the endless organizational emails or the hours of googling the net in search of fun things to do with his or her child(ren). And this while Belgium and the Netherlands have already thousands of organizations that only focus on a fun time for children. The only problem here is that there still is no platform that aims to reach their target audience, which is, of course, the parents of those children!


PARC (short for Parent Community app) is best described as a TripAdvisor for children. The app is designed to help parents find child-friendly hotspots in their neighbourhood, to share these with their network, to write and read reviews, and soon they will also have a say in the entire offer of events and special offers and discounts of our child-friendly hotspots!


  • PARC was launched mid-September 2017 so almost exists one year!
  • PARC was already selected by The App Store as favorite of the week in Germany and The Netherlands and is in the running for App of the Day (worldwide)!
  • Since the launch we have more than 20,000 users and between 10,000 and 14,000 visits on our website weekly!
  • As we speak we have about 2000 child-friendly hotspots on our app and website and every week some 50 are added.
  • We are selected by the Belgian accelerators Start-it and The Birdhouse!

Marketing strategy

To make PARC more known to the bigger audience we will focus on marketing using the typical social media and starting September we will hand out brochures, which will include a clear explanation about how PARC works, at the various bigger and smaller school in both Belgium and the Netherlands. To finish we wish to engage in a win-win partnership with a big media player that can help us become bigger in our existence and later take part in the sales. Several meetings have already taken place and several parties are interested.

Internationalisation strategy

Our aims with PARC at this moment are the Belgian and the Dutch market. When we have designed a sustainable model and we have a perfect view of sales, marketing, …, we will (using our new gained knowledge) expand. To start with France and Germany (where we already have hundreds of users) are on the list. Afterwards, we can steadily expand to the rest of Europe.

Intellectual Property

Every IP is the property of PARCLIFE. We have fully protected our brand on a European level.

Major contracts

Important partners to us are the "hotspots" for children which are present on the platform. Being added to the platform as a "hotspot" is, and always will be, free. However, these places will soon be able to subscribe to inexpensive annual subscriptions that will help them share their entire schedule with parents in the clearest possible way. These subscriptions will also allow them to offer discounts and offers to the parent community. At this very moment, there are more than 2000 "hotspots" for children on the platform.

Among them are: Antwerp Zoo, Planckendael, Plopsaland, Bobbejaanland, Zomer Van Antwerpen (Antwerp Summer) and many more.

But you can also find a lot of very nice small businesses for kids which are a little less known.

Main partners

Important partners to us are the amazing child-friendly hotspots that have been using the platform free of charge so far. To be added to the platform is- and will always be- free of costs. However, starting soon the hotspots will be able to enrol for cheap yearly subscriptions that help them share their entire calendar with the parents in a very clear way. These subscriptions also allow them to give discounts and offers to our community of parents. As we speak there are more than 2000 child-friendly hotspots on our platform. Some of them are The Zoo of Antwerp, Planckendael, Plopsaland, Bobbejaanland, Zomer Van Antwerpen (Summer of Antwerp) and many more. But you can also find a lot of tiny, cool child-friendly businesses that aren’t really known among the bigger crowd.