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Every investment decision must be based on an examination of an exhaustive set of information provided by the entrepreneur on his online profile. Spreds only proceeds to a limited verification of this information and does not control the investment opportunity within this company. Spreds did not verify the extent to which the business plan is deemed realistic and does not intervene with the final Information Note, including the retained maximum valuation. Spreds will align itself with the financial terms negotiated with the co-investor(s).


Good news! Recently, the entrepreneurs of Watch&Win have signed a deal with the company Belgian Media Ventures (manages the advertising space of the RTBF). Belgian Media Ventures will be offering them “Media for Equity”: a high-scale media campaign in exchange for cash and capital. The campaign will be worth €400,000 (gross) minimum, with a rebate of 75%, or €100,000 net. The €100,000 are payable partly in cash (30%, or €30,000) and partly in capital (70%, or €70,000).

This principle of “Media for Equity” enables the company to implement a media campaign at a very advantageous price and to reach millions of consumers, while minimising their outlay. The young companies that have concluded deals with Belgian Media Ventures have been able to see directly the impact of the radio/TV campaign in their activities: sales boosted, and an appreciable increase in their public awareness. Spreds has been one of the first companies to enjoy the concept of Media for Equity and saw a significant boost in awareness especially through our website visits.

Watch & Win is an innovative platform dedicated to digital advertising answering to market problems at a super competitive price.

The site offers a set of features that are not collected anywhere else and caters to all types of advertisers: national, regional, local.
It is characterized by a set of values that translate in terms of permissiveness, collaborative, respectful of privacy. Its human values translate concretely by supporting start-ups and NGO by giving them free space available.

Watch & Win is also a place of discovery and experimentation.

The aim is on one hand to encourage consumers to come and look on Watch & Win for advertisements that they choose, for products that interest them and without the risk of being "harassed" when surfing through other sites, and on the other hand, to offer advertisers an alternative to improve the visibility of their advertisements to their target audiences at a much lower price than the market. Consumers are coming on the site to watch the advertising they choose for. This is accompanied by a set of information on the product and on the moral values of the advertiser. At the end of watching the entire video, they participate in a game contest. They can either win the product as presented in the advertisement or a special price for it. They have the opportunity to give feedback to the video presented.


Advertising, a form of mass communication, aims to capture the attention of a specific target in order to encourage it to adopt a desired behavior. In recent years, advertising budgets shifted to digital advertising and video advertising became a must. Most of this communication is imposed. It fits into a consumer's journey during the day, which is analyzed in order to be optimized. The advertisement is imposed and received very negatively by the consumer who is irritated and uses more and more advertising blockers (at least 36% of the Belgian community). It is thus difficult to get commitment or conversion through it. As advertising is being experienced, consumers are not very receptive to messages. It is therefore necessary to very quickly attract and seduce, to be "visible" to the maximum number of people in order to reach its target. On the market, a posted and shared advertisement is billed to the advertiser even if it is little seen or not seen at all. And we all know that the visibility rates are very weak. The advertisement is billed according to an auction system. Chances of reaching the target audience therefore depend on the size of the company and the budget allocated. The paradox: more and more expenditure in digital advertising for a less and less good visibility.

It is clear that the sector must reinvent itself.


Our whole approach is based on the consumer's choice to expose himself to advertising. His choice is guided by his tastes, interests and desires for discovery or experimentation.
This choice, encouraged by the organization of a contest that occurs after the entire view of the video and which is linked to the movie’s content makes it possible to guarantee to the advertiser that its advertisement is seen in full by a person that is really interested. The quality of the approach is guaranteed by the limitation of the number of participations.
The organization of a contest for which gains are in direct connection with the product guarantees an active participation in the choice and the attention paid to the advertisement. For the advertiser it is a way to direct a potential customer to a store or to a website.
Watch & Win is an alternative in line with current consumer behaviors that provides advertisers - regardless of their size - a space of communication with their targets. This communication is not merely 'tolerated' as it allows a real interaction with the consumer.

Marketing strategy

We are in the process of acquiring users. Our break-even is 5000 users.
Our strategy is focused on digital communication. It is split into two phases:
1) Refinement of the cost to acquire a user based on different value proposals.
2) Use of the most effective methods to reach our critical mass which is 10 000 users.
In parallel, we set up a sponsorship system that encourages companies and users of our site to talk about us to their networks.
Our forecast contains a significant budget in software application development in order to build new functionalities that will be in line with the changes in relations with users.

Distribution strategy

Our strategy to acquire advertisers goes through two channels:
- Through digital channels
- By meeting with advertisers thanks to the creation of a sales team gradually deploying in Belgium.
Our forecasts contain a significant budget in application development in order to build new features in line with the changes in relations with advertisers.

Internationalisation strategy

An international coverage has not been taken into account in our forecast yet but will be based on the actual platform that is quickly adaptable to other countries.

Intellectual Property

The Watch & Win site is our property. It has been tested and is fully operational. The code will be registered. The brand and the logo have been deposited. A set of URLs for internationalization belong to us.

Major contracts

Our company has not yet entered into significant contracts that could have a significant impact on the financial results. Several advertisers have expressed their interest. Larger contracts expect first a number of users close to 10.000.

Main partners

Various partnership contracts are being discussed including Kiboox first social media site to join us, Wallomade which is delivering local and regional trade support, Pushnplug.
Dedicated attention will be devoted to the negotiation of other partnerships as we are convinced that several types of partnerships could result in real ' win win ' operations
Our partners in the realization of the project include: Digital Wallonia, the LME (La Maison de l’entreprise), Digital Attraxion, Triptyk – the company who developed the site, Krings-law firm , the MediaBrands Belgium agency and we benefited from the support of MIC ( Microsoft Innovation Center) at the start of our project.