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At the University of Antwerp, we decided to create a new platform to digitalise and reinforce the local economy of Antwerp. We offer storekeepers from Antwerp a platform, knowledge and opportunities to digitalise their business. Through digital dashboards, training and other various courses, we are guiding them until they have the necessary digital knowledge.

A magazine called "the best of the web" is used to promote and market the brand's notoriety.


Big social media platforms (Facebook, Google, etc) divert the regional and local marketing budgets. They offer a lot of visibility but don't offer answers regarding the crucial questions of activation and consumption incentive.

Nevertheless, activation and the ties created between the clients and the local merchants have become almost impossible through Facebook or Twitter because of the European confidentiality laws.

We also notice a rise of trust in local merchants who offer more services and expertise than their online competitors. But unfortunately, these local shopkeepers don't have enough digital knowledge to answer, publish, manage or activate their customers through local marketing.


The platform Den Antwerpenaar offers on all these aspects an ultra concise platform thanks to a combination of digital and paper. Den Antwerpenaar also offers a community of consumers and merchants from a same region.

Having a well managed community that reaches the objectives of a company is an art. To do so, it is essential to combine evolutive technology and a digital savoir-faire. The platform Den Antwerpenaar offers a unique knowledge of the local market by using a proven and tested technologie and an innovative savoir-faire and by combining a social gamification technology and a visual appealing platform for users and professionals.

Marketing strategy

Our communication and our marketing are mainly done through the digital marketing of our platform.
On social media, the persona "Den Antwerpenaar" is well known in Antwerp and has about 20.000 fans on Twitter, 16.000 Instagram followers and 10 000 Facebook fans. We also have "the hippest places in Antwerp" (37.000 users). This magazine is the print extension of the digital platform Den Antwerpenaar and offers content and coverages on the town of Antwerp. This magazine is published every two months.

Distribution strategy

Our magazine "City" is handed out to merchants, restaurants, waiting rooms of dentists and doctors, co-working spaces, etc. Every place an Antwerp resident can relax and read.
Online we send our content to our subscribers through our own social media channels.

Internationalisation strategy

The social platform « Den Antwerpenaar » is the pilot version of this technology. The entire platform can be extended to other towns and new commercial partners. This will be done though franchising and licensing...

Intellectual Property

The Den Antwerpenaar platform has its own software. This technology has been developed for urban marketing and the source code is owned by the BVBA Den Antwerpenaar.

Major contracts

By using the first model of our platform, we have been able to gather letters of intent from various merchants in Antwerp (for a total amount of €25.000).

Our first (paper) magazine "City" will be sold on December 6th 2018. We have already sold around €10.000 worth of advertising space.

Main partners

Brouwerij De Koninck, Poppy, BNI, De Kamers, Pandora Publishers, Fosbury & Sons,

We are working on the possibility of cooperating with big local media companies.