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Update 2018 - Clarifying the relations between Domobios, Acar'Up and Allerinvest

Acar'Up (owned by Allerinvest) is a spin-off of Domobios. During the first financing round, investors funded Domobios. Afterwards, Allerinvest was separated from Domobios. This campaign Domobios IV is therefore the fourth financing round of the company.

Domobios, R&D, smart traps against domestic pests

Domobios develops and licences insect pest control traps. The traps kills dust mites, stock mites, lice, bed bugs, ladybugs, cockroaches, ants, etc. The traps are bio-lures, i.e. traps luring pests by diverting their own mode of communication or using weaknesses in their behaviour. Because they do not contain any poison, the traps are safe for humans.

Our Business model:
Development of products until a first commercial trial. After the PoC phase (technical PoC and market PoC), Domobios licences its products to a strategic partner.

First two products already on the market

The company has already developed and licensed 2 products. These two products tackle allergy problems and are sold on the pharmaceutical market.

1) Acar’up: the first commercial bio-lure. It diverts the dust mites from their usual shelter, the mattress, and draws them to a trapping tissue. This fabric is 100% washable. The insects are therefore directly killed by the washing machine (no insecticides are needed). This trap helps cure the symptoms of allergic people by clearing all mattresses of their mites. 10% of the population is currently suffering from symptoms that are directly linked to mite allergies (never-ending colds, conjunctivitis or asthma).

2) Acar’up Dog: the second bio-lure is Acar’up for dogs, which follows the same principle as Acar’up: it eliminates the mites living in dog baskets, (which are a different species than the mites living in mattresses). Indeed, 10% of dogs have their own mites. These animals suffer from chronic inflammation of the dermis (atopic dermatitis), an endless itch that often results in bleeding.

A new challenge for Domobios! The adventure continues, with new products against other pests, sold on a pesticide market.


The presence of insects in houses is a growing problem. These pests are becoming more and more resistant to insecticides. During the year 2016, the global market for insect pest control products was evaluated at $12,464 billions. Until 2022, an average annual growth of 5.67% is expected, leading to a market value of $17,352 billion.

Our next target: bed bugs

One of the most harmful house pests are bed bugs. Their bite is one of the hardest of all, causing dermatological and allergic lesions. The expansion of bed bugs has proven to be a national health issue in the United States, with at least 50 impacted states. This affects 95% of apartments, 93% of households (single-family) and 75% of hotels.

In 2015, 8.75 million interventions against bed bugs occurred, representing more than 25% of the target market (defined as households with an annual income of $75,000+).60% of professionals eliminate bed bugs with insecticides and 11.6% with heat treatment (steam: 4.5%). These treatments are expansive and bed bugs are growing more and more resistant to insecticides, making the traps on the market ineffective.

A bed bug is drinking blood through clothes


We have been studying bed bugs for 3 years now. We currently have two new prototypes (protected by an EU and USA patent), more efficient than any product on the market.
The architecture of the traps is the secret of the efficiency.

Our third product is intended for bed bugs. The innovation of this trap is based on its architecture, which allows it to catch bed bugs without them detecting the trap. Compared to the reference trap (Climb’up), Domobios’ product showed a higher efficiency.

In the pipeline

Marketing strategy

The development of our new products follows a well-defined strategy:

1) Market analysis and identification of opportunities. To do so, the company focuses on pests that are poorly managed by hazardous products
2) Financing of R&D through research programmes and public grants
3) The study of pest biology: the way they communicate with each other and the places in which they like to take refuge
4) Development of biomimetic products to lure insects away from their normal refuge towards death traps
5) Prototyping
6) Tests and market validation (PoC)
7) After the Proof of Concept phase, the company sells or gives the license of its product (e.g. Acar’up commercialised in EU).

Distribution strategy

The business developper will take contact and find some commercial partners, which will distribute and commercialise our products.

Intellectual Property

  • The product Acar'up is protected by the patent n° EP 1n° EP 15 153 723, deposited on 03/02/2015 .
  • Our bed bugs traps are protected by the Patent n° EP 16 189 631.1,n° US 15/270,470 deposited on 20/09/2016. Our label Trap'em is also deposited.
  • A patent protecting the traps for lady bugs, déposited the 07 07 2017.

Major contracts


  • Acar’up SPRL: Licence agreement: Patent protecting Acar’up and Acar'up for dogs;
  • Acar’up SPRL: Label Acar’up: sold;
  • DB design: Licence agreement: 5% of the turnover, trap for lice.
  • DB design: finance the R&D developement on lice

Public Grants

1) Innoviris: programme about Bed bugs, €291.000, finished;
2) Innoviris: programme about Stock mites, €152.000, in progress;
3) Innoviris: Patent for Acar’up, €58.275, in progress;
4) Wallon Region: Lady birds, €110.250, in progress;
5) DB Design: programme about Lice, €100.000, in course;
6) Innoviris: project submitted, cockroaches and ants, €156.777.

Main partners

Currently, our main commercial partners are those described in the section "major contracts". They mainly concern the commercialised products Acar'up and Acar'up for dogs, and are present on the pharmaceutical market. Our next products involve another market, the market of insecticides, where the main actors are pest control managers.