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Raidillon is a brand and a Belgian company of high-end watches and accessories, from Belgian design and Swiss manufacture which is inspired by and communicates on the territory of the "Classic Driver". The name Raidillon comes from the famous bend on the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps.

Created in 2001, Raidillon has developed on the Belgian market with a solid image & products positioning, in a very profitable"niche".

Each watch design is limited to 55 pieces. The serial number is engraved on the side of the watch from 0 to 55. As in the race, there is never number 13. This figure 55 comes from the limited number of cars that starts at certain races.

In 2017, an extension of the product range was launched with the introduction of accessory lines / leather goods in order to offer more affordable access to the brand while fuelling the positioning of Lady and Gentleman Driver.

Today with the launch of the Curve model designed by Axel Enthoven, the development has reached a certain maturity. The collection, the Boutique of the Queen's Gallery and the Pop Up store of Zaventem, as well as the communication, enjoy a clean and relevant style. With a turnover of 600K €, the brand must move up a gear by developing and communicating in digital and internationally.

The funds raised will be fully invested in the market for digital communication and commercial actions. Our team, composed of juniors and seniors, is highly motivated, passionate and competent.

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The Swiss made luxury watch market is very attractive. It is especially due to a strong story telling (image development) in highly profitable segments.

Raidillon offers limited series watches of comparable quality as those of the big players, at a competitive price by addressing a well identified target, the Gentleman driver, whether active or passive in this universe.

The "classic driver" territory conveys an inspiring world of elegance and competition to a predominantly male target group aged 30 to 55, who also loves beautiful watches, design and accessories / leather goods.

The audience of Classic driver enthusiasts is 130,000 visitors at the Retromobile show (France), 170,000 in Essen (Germany), 120,000 in Goodwood (UK), etc ... It is of a higher socio-professional category.


Develop sales of the Raidillon brand to achieve EBITDA:

- Break even in 2021,

- and attain 1027 K Eur in 2023.

This, by:

1. Increasing awareness and image positioning mainly in digital, in specialised and economic press.

2. opening international markets

3. Supporting sales by commercial actions, opening pop-ups and corners ...

Marketing strategy

Communication: mainly in digital and in the specialized and economic press which will generate editorial.

Boosting the Belgian market with the opening of a Zaventem Pop up store, and opening new sales outlets in the Flemish region.

Opening of the French + Monaco market in 2019 with corner shop showroom Chapal Paris, + specialized watchmaking and presence Events "classic Driver"

Opening of a European market at the rate of 1 per year following business model of Belgium and France.

Continuously renewing the product mix: Chronographs (Curve and C10) (10 to 15 designs / year, new 38 mm Curve cases), 3-needle auto (5 designs), Quartz (limited edition of 555 pieces, new designs)

Distribution strategy

Distribution mainly in direct sales:
1. By Live Country: corner; pop up; Flagship
2. Internet and social networks
3. Specialized multi-brand retailers (watchmaking and or accessories) in major urban centers
4. Trade Shows and Events
5. Corporate B to B

Internationalisation strategy

Proximity and "snail" strategy:
Circle 1: FR - UK - NL - GER
Circle 2: Iberia - Italy
Circle 3: USA - Japan

Intellectual Property

Raidillon: registered trademark in EEC, USA, Japan, URL:

Curve model deposit confirmed in CEE ongoing other markets

Major contracts

Customers: live sales mainly from individuals.Suppliers: all strategic suppliers are split

Main partners

Direct Sales