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Extense Pharma has been active for over 10 years in research, development, formulation and commercialisation of medical concepts of obesity management. We work in partnership with Belgian and foreign universities. We provide training for doctors in Belgium and abroad (care for overweight patients). We participate in conferences on diabetes, obesity around the world. With our expertise (more than 10 years in the European market), we have just signed an important contract in China to train doctors in our concept and provide them with the tools and kits of products needed to help them in their daily practice of caring for overweight and diabetic patients. Today, consciences are increasingly felt in relation to the role of our diet and we have demands from around the world for healthy products, healthy snacks, meal substitutes for overweight people, and especially diabetics, intolerants, vegetarians and anyone aware that food plays a key role. in most cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. To meet this demand and with our strong experience, we have created a full range: 7 DFIT. A range that will be distributed throughout the world with a strong packaging and professional partners. Our products are manufactured in Belgium and meet strict manufacturing processes, they are suitable for the whole family, for active persons, for children, for seniors. In short to all generations concerned about their health. Today these products must be able to be accessible to as many people as possible in local shops, large distribution, specialty stores.


The composition of the plate evolves and more generally the food behaviour, especially under the constraint of time. The time spent eating is decreasing in most developed countries and the number of food outlets outside meals is increasing. Snacking is increasingly trendy and exponential worldwide. A survey conducted in 2014 in 60 countries by Nielsen to 30,000 consumers shows that they spent $ 374 billion a year in all kinds of snacks. In Anglo-Saxon countries more than half of consumers use them as meal substitutes. The first motivation of the snacking is to eat fast anytime. Unfortunately, this trend explodes in all developed countries, but also in emerging countries like China, India, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico. Faced with this epidemic, adults are not the only ones affected: the number of children or adolescents overweight, obese or diabetic in the world increased by 50%. One in two is overweight in Belgium. By 2030, more than 10% of the world's population will be diabetic (more than 592 million people). Currently, diabetes affects 382 million people. Fortunately, consumers are increasingly informed in developed countries and are beginning to change their behaviour. Our range perfectly meets this awareness! Quality products produced in Belgium, poor in fat and sugar-related sugar to the specific needs of diabetics, but also vegetarians, intolerants, children, active elders.


Launch a range of healthy snacks and alternatives functional food. A strong brand (7 DFIT) that is dedicated to all those conscious of the role of their food. At present, many major agri-food actors have made efforts on the composition of products, but it is not always easy for a diabetic or an overweight person to find his way in supermarket shelves and through labels. By launching this specific and recognisable range with clear packaging, we will improve access to these healthy products for active people, but also for anyone aware of the issues of tomorrow, through supermarkets, specialty shops in Belgium, Europe and around the world. We already have distribution partnerships in many countries, but the need for a brand is needed with strong marketing, clear packaging and in 5 languages.
Based on our experience in dietary nutrition, our project is to offer everyone a recognisable, strong, tasty range of healthy products that can be consumed as a snack (large distribution) as meal substitutes (meals on the thumb) and recommended by specialists (diabetes).

Marketing strategy

This complete range can conquer the world! Through our existing distributors (Europe, Mexico, Singapore), signed contracts (China, Saudi Arabia and soon Brazil), distribute our range in large distribution with support from a marketing campaign supported, with the help of social networks, actions at the point of sale. To do so, we will soon hire a commercial who will be responsible for this range exclusively. We will make and print brochures, participate in fairs and distribute samples.

Distribution strategy

Distribution through existing distributors and new (signed contracts) China, Brazil, Gulf countries.
Distribution in Large Distribution: already identified buyers waiting for products and packagings to meet the needs of their wholesalers in Europe.

Internationalisation strategy

Contracts are already signed;
More commercial force;
Participation in trade shows in Europe (Sial 10/20, ISM (02/20), US: Fancy Food, 07/20, Hong Kong.

Intellectual Property

Registered Trade Mark (r)

Major contracts

Distribution contract signed in China for the annual equivalent of EUR 4 millions from 2020;
Saudi Arabia: signed contract for 100,000 launch products 09/19;
Brazil: contract under signature.

Main partners

- Partnership signed with China (medical partnership with leading opinion for medical prescription)
- Saudi Arabia: signed distribution
- Partnership UCL
- Nutrition Partnership with Blue Elephant (Thailand distribution)
- Partnership with the Philippines (hospital dedicated for overweight patients)
- Product Development Partnership (Mexico: current weight management clinics)
- Brazil : Negotiation in progress