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Selinko is a software company founded in 2012, with headquarters in Mont Saint Guibert.

Selinko acts as a one-stop-shop for premium brands that want to give their consumers a simple and reliable way to authenticate their products, using NFC technology. With a smartphone, every customer can read NFC tagged products registered on Selinko platform, and can ensure it is genuine. This, in turn, creates a fantastic opportunity for brands to connect directly with end-users for direct one to one marketing.

Selinko uses NFC tags as an easy and secure way to authenticate products. This technology is used by the main mobile payment applications (Apple Pay, Google Pay) and is now compatible with all recent smartphones, including iPhone (7+).

Selinko enjoys a leading position in its markets. Our world-class clients includes REMY MARTIN (spirits), HENNESSY (spirits), MOOOI (furniture), HENKEL (FMCG) and three of the most expensive wines in the world.

Our ecosystem, based on partnerships with global packaging companies and integrators, gives the company a unique position to address clients needs in Europe, the US and China.

The platform is able to manage the digital signatures of hundreds of millions of NFC tags. It includes authentication services, track & trace features and direct marketing applications. It can be interfaced with CRM and ERP systems like SAP or SalesForce.


Selinko focusses on the luxury goods, and, in particular, the sectors of wines and spirits and cosmetics.

Luxury goods are faced with huge counterfeiting issues. Our solution allows brands to establish a relation of trust with their customers, a critical element when it comes to increase sales, especially when bough online or second hand.

The counterfeiting market is estimated at $ 1.2 billion (2018). It increases by 20% per year and represents more than 430,000 jobs lost. Security aspects are also critical, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. Counterfeiting issues are mostly faced in Asia and US.


Selinko solution is based on a software platform (Object Relationship Management plaftform) made of 6 buiilding blocks with different purposes:

Using our platform, brands can:

- Protect their product against counterfeiting, hence creating a trust relation with their customers

- Trace product at the unit level, enabling to track parallel market issues

- Engage directly with their consumers (loyalty programs, newsletter, repeat sales,...)

- Product guarantee activation

Marketing strategy

Selinko has heavily invested in marketing initiatives, primarily via a regular presence in trade fairs, creating a strong reputation of expertise in the luxury sector.
In recent years, we have significantly reduced our marketing activities as a consequence of our strategic move to develop partnerships with packaging companies and integrators.

Distribution strategy

Our distribution strategy is based on the conclusion of distribution and co-development partnerships - some of which are exclusive - with integrators and packaging companies. This strategy allows Selinko to directly access the customer bases of its partners, without having to scale up large sales force to develop the business.

Internationalisation strategy

Our markets are truly global. See also 'Distribution strategy'.

Intellectual Property

Patent for Certified eCommerce transaction (secure). Filed in Japan and India. In filing process in China, the US and Europe.

Major contracts


- Remy Martin: RM has decided to gradually equip all their (premium) product lines with the NFC technology. After Louis XIII (an exclusive cognac), a second product line is now in pilot phase with forecasted volume at 60k units per year. Discussions have also started for a third line, with 1 millions units per year.

- Hennessy: a first pilot is going on with a limited range of products (feasibility study). The vision is to equip the full production if the test are concluded positive (30 millions units per year).

- The Button Experience: Following the implementation of our solution for Moooi, Moooi has proposed to work on a JV project to supply the design furniture industry, and make the solution an industry standard. This project is called the button project ( The project has been presented in New York in February 2019 and the first contacts have been made with potential clients

Distribution & co-development Partners

- See Below

Main partners

The ecosystem of partnerships is a strong competitive edge for Selinko.

A first (exclusive) partnership has been signed with AMCOR in 2018. AMCOR is the world leading supplier of packaging accessories for the wine and spirit sector. AMCOR has developed a 'ready to use cap seal', integrating a NFC tag.

A second partnership has recently been signed with TOPPAN, the largest printing / tag manufacter in the world. The main objective of the partnership is to target the Chinese market where TOPPAN enjoys a strong presence.

A third partnership is about to be sealed with ASQUAN, a company active in the packaging for the cosmetic market.