Pilo 3-1A

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Every investment decision must be based on an examination of an exhaustive set of information provided by the entrepreneur on his online profile. Spreds only proceeds to a limited verification of this information and does not control the investment opportunity within this company. Spreds did not verify the extent to which the business plan is deemed realistic and does not intervene with the final Information Note, including the retained maximum valuation. Spreds will align itself with the financial terms negotiated with the co-investor(s).


SUREST has developed an innovative and reliable solution to help patients take their medication: PILO.

PILO consists of two components:

A protective case for a smartphone incorporating a compartment specifically developed for storing medications.

An application that ensures follow-up and compliance with treatment.

With PILO, store your medications in your telephone and follow your prescription thanks to the integrated application. Your medications will follow you discreetly throughout the day!


Failure to comply with a medical prescription is a worldwide problem with a number of repercussions. Fifty percent of prescribed medications are not taken by the patients. The consequences are poor health, which can even lead to death, on the one hand and increased costs for insurers on the other hand.

(Source: Health Commission of the Concorde Foundation, May 2014)

*Forgetfulness * is the primary cause of failure to take medications. In France, there are 8000 deaths directly related to failure to comply with treatment. In the USA, the number reaches 125,000 annually.


The available budget for Tax Shelter investments has been fully utilised. Investments will not be eligible for the tax shelter advantage.