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Partnership with Universite Libre de Bruxelles

MCORPUS have partnered with ULB to implement MCORPUS platform at the University and also to explore various other possible solutions using MCORPUS Platform for other departments including SimLabs.

New Advisor On Board - Dr Henri Bondue

We’ve built an Interactive Platform for medical students, professors, doctors & medical trainees around the globe to learn & share medical science.

The Problem We Solve

  • Lack of Bodies: these days medical colleges don’t have access to human bodies for research. By using Mixed Reality we will enable students to learn and experiment with Augmented Human Anatomy.
  • Flat 2D Images: our platform "BodyLens" provides Real Life Size 3D content of Human Anatomy for students to have in-depth understanding of the organ functionality, it’s depth and to simulate organs with different parameters.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning: students will have access to the Platform, Augmented Human Anatomy 24x7. They can learn virtually anytime, anywhere.
  • Growth Analysis: Analysis of each student’s growth, how much time they spend on which organ, built-in quizz system to track learning improvement.

Our Applications

BodyLens - Learn Human Anatomy

OTLens - Learning Surgical Procedure

Integration with MRI Machines - Real-Time viewing of patient’s heart/brain - Connect with other doctors around the world and have real-time discussions.



Mcorpus' vision is to focus on medical learning and training and stay at the edge to provide the most advanced technology to improve the learning methodology.

Product Line

Business Model

The landscape of MCORPUS' business model is a complex one. Unlike our business competitors who are offering their software app for a one-time price, we believe in constant income from our customers i.e. Universities, Students and Doctors to sustain the platform and its infrastructure. As our offerings require a continuous support and 100% uptime of the infrastructure we believe in recurring revenue instead of one-time income. We will have different streams of revenues:

  • Universities (Freemium Model): the initial setup will be done by us while the content will be charged on per device basis. This will enable universities to access the latest gadgets and up to date content available and to monitor the growth of students and offer customised learning material for each student.
  • Students (Pay as you go - Subscription Model): the app will be available for students across the globe whether their University has a contract with us or not. The app will contain all the 3D content + Access to Real-Time Platform to communicate with Doctors, Professors and other Students across the globe + Take their notes + Take Exams and Monitor their progress. Students will have both options, either to subscribe to yearly membership and have unlimited access or Pay as you go model where they buy Minutes for communicating with Doctors/Professors/Students.