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A unique system for quality tea preparation, comprised of a machine and capsules.
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The tea market has never been so dynamic an tea consumption is growing at a steady pace. But strangely enough, there has been little to no innovation in the way of preparing a perfect cup of tea so far. The large majority of consumers say they love drinking quality tea but admit they struggle to prepare tea in an optimal way, hence reduces frequency or pleasure.



Exquisite tea with its full benefits requires very precise infusion time and temperature - specific for each tea variety - applied to the right quantity of high tea brewing in the right volume of water. The required preparation time and attention restricts today, and more than ever, such delicacies to tea houses or exceptional moments.


TConcept has developed TeH, a unique patented system that recognizes each tea capsule and let it brew automatically for the perfect duration at the perfect temperature in the right volume, replicating at home the traditional Art of Tea, by only pushing one button.

The appliances will go on industrialization under a two-step plan that foresees the production of a basic series suitable for performance & test market (demos). The capital increase will also be used to order a batch of 5,000 appliances to be delivered over time as well as injection molds for the manufacturing of the capsules.


  • Ready for production systems
  • Large IP portfolio
  • Positive market researches

Marketing strategy

As part of the TConcept awareness and positioning program consumers will be able to sample teas and test the appliances, at events and tasting sessions in shops, wellness centers, golf clubs in each of the two cities of the pilot market where the TeH systems will be rolled out. Several digital and communications campaigns will complementary reinforce consumers' awareness by the use of all media means.

Distribution strategy

TConcept will launch TeH systems in Belgium. TeH will be available and demonstrated first in Brussels and Antwerp. Consumers will initially use the TConcept website to order appliances and tea capsules. for delivery to their office or home within 48 hours.

The appliances will be available at an introductory price of around €198 (VAT not included), as part of a demo pack containing a cup and a set of tea capsules.