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An intensive personal training programme in just 20 minutes a week
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You save a huge amount of time! What’s more, within 3 months you’ll find that you’re stronger, fitter, slimmer and more energetic. And it’s convenient and personal: you don’t have to change or shower and you always train with your personal coach! All in just 20 minutes a week.


To get (back) into shape you generally need a lot of spare time on your hands and be willing to get all sweaty. Even if you do all of this on a consistent basis, it can take a few months before you even start seeing some results.


With fit20 you train in such a way that your body is optimally stimulated to get stronger and fitter fast.

With the help of your personal trainer, and in a clean, quiet environment, you spend the 20 minute workout seeking out the limits of your muscular strength and then you go beyond; always in a safe and controlled way. Your progress is monitored on our special iPad app and visible results are guaranteed.


  • Proven track record (50+ locations in The Netherlands).
  • Unique Technology.
  • High customer retention rates (> 85%).

Marketing strategy

Franchisees will be recruited with the help of professional recruiting agencies. Members will be approached by on- and offline campaigns and word-of-mouth.

Distribution strategy

Everybody can make use of the free introductory session, with an 80+% acquisition rate and can book theirs on- or offline. Utilizing highly well-located properties and turning these into studios, usually strategically placed in areas with a dense concentration of professionals.