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All over the world, the phenomenon of arcades is reborn thanks to virtual reality (VR). Today, hundreds of VR arcade rooms are available. They offer real opportunities for companies that want to embark on the adventure. This phenomenon also offers many challenges to theatre managers: offering new games that are impossible to play at home, with qualitative, scalable content, multiplayer, collaborative and wireless experiences in an attractive universe!
Thanks to Vigo Universal's experience in the field of video games and already benefiting from an exclusive catalogue of virtual reality games as well as a software development studio, the company has serious advantages over its competitors in developing a new, profitable and sustainable concept!

The problem

The expectations of the public have remained the same despite the evolution of entertainment rooms: meeting people around different entertainment experiences, meeting and sharing activities with friends or even competing in video game competitions. Indeed, many virtual reality arcade centres are emerging around the world. However, very few qualitative experiments in virtual hyper-reality are available on the market. There are also no real e-sport centres using this technology, and finally, serious games and virtual reality training centres for professionals are rare.

The solution

The creation of an entertainment and training park on the theme of virtual reality, combining fun, e-sports and serious game experiences, for individuals, the public sector and companies. This centre will highlight the use of virtual reality, both for individuals and professionals. It will offer, on the one hand, single-player stations, multiplayer and collaborative games, e-sport and, on the other hand, virtual reality training such as serious games. Around these key activities will be a series of auxiliary services such as a bar and complementary digital experiences. Each activity or decorum will immerse visitors in a futuristic universe at the cutting edge of technology. Gamification will also have an important place in the overall concept, thanks in particular to e-sport. In the long term, the aim of this project is to be the first to interconnect a set of centres around the world with services focused on training and e-sport. Their network connection will make it possible to create unique international e-sport competitions and inter-company training sessions.

What are the expected revenues?

Revenues will be generated both by consumer activities and by services to professionals through games, team building and training. In order to maximize revenue, Vigo Universal will exploit the off-peak hours of the general public to offer business services and services that complement virtual reality as well. Admission to the centre will be free of charge and payment for services will be made on a fee-for-service or formula basis.

Our assets compared to our competitors.

  • Already in the VR market for numerous years;
  • Owner of a portfolio of VR experiences;
  • More than 20 years of experience in the video game industry;
  • Internal development studio to assure a quick production of content;
  • Production of quality experiences at a ower cost thanks to the ownership of the development studio;
  • Two different targets, B2C and B2B, in different schedulesto maximize the use of the equipment and securitize revenue;
  • Studio dedicated to 3D human scan which is created internaly and 3D scan of different objects, buildings, environment allowing the creation of hyper real content;
  • Several years of R&D dedicated to AR, VR , MR, XR;
  • A lot of source codes for which Vigo owns the IP;
  • Strong experience in motion sensor and gesture recognition technology;
  • Profesional client already seduced by the concept with a real demand;
  • Partnership with constructor such as HP, Antilatency...

Technologies and IP

VR-Experience is a catalogue of exclusive VR applications developed in-house with licenses and rights to these software and the technologies implemented.

3D Body Scan:
In 2016 Vigo Universal raised 1M euros to sustain its growth in the VR sector and the 3D numerisation. Vigo successfully created a machine that is able to digitalize a human being instantaneously. A huge asset when it comes to create content for VR. Technology and softwares were created by Vigo and are under its property.

The Replication Center brings together Vigo's 3D scanning and printing services. The company has built its own equipment and developed innovative scanning techniques to digitize art objects and human beings. These techniques make it possible to obtain 3D models that can be used in virtual reality applications. Vigo Universal also has a fleet of 3D printers.

Back Office software: it centralizes the content, parameters and operation of devices and thus automates as much as possible the management of a place's attractions. This tool has been enhanced for several years and includes a large number of modules. It is a serious asset that will be available from the start of the project.

Technology partnerships

Vigo Universal has created a network of technological partners that give it privileged access to the equipment of tomorrow.
Its partner Hewlett Packard (HP), gives it access to the latest PC VR. The company was able to develop its software on hardware that is not yet available on the market.

Vigo Universal will be the first company to use Antylatency's technology in Belgium. The competitors' playing surfaces are approximately 200 m² and limited to 8 players. The one in Vigo will be 650 m² with no limit on the number of players.


Vigo Universal has many references from clients in various sectors.

His nomination as a National Trends Gazelles in the "Starter" category in 2014 marks the beginning of a series of awards and distinctions for Vigo Universal. Since its creation, it has been able to attract several players in the digital world, particularly through its innovative character and values.

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