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New strategic plan

Please find hereunder the new strategic plan issued by Zen Car Holding SA/NV.

Download Zen Car Holding - Strategic Plan .pdf



“Contribute to the development of new (intra-city) electric mobility solutions in Belgium”

What is Zen Car?

Zen Car is about one thing: ZERO EMISSION, ZERO NOISE.
A new definition of zen at the very heart of Brussels. A small revolution inside and out, the electric car contributes to clean air and produces no noise. It’s transportation without any stress, thanks to a smooth and silent drive for you and the others. The zen begins when you shut the door.

    Zen Car is more than a company offering a smart solution, it is a network of people sharing the same vision. By signing up, you are joining a community of individuals linked to one another by a fleet of electric vehicles that they all share.
    People no longer purchase their car, they hire it when they need it. And when they don't need it, someone else can.
    Simple, zen and socially aware.
    Using Zen Car is based on three simple actions:
    Become a member, reserve a car and use it, then bring it back. If you buy a prepaid pack, the subscription fees are waived and the Zen Car user credits are 20% off!

Zen Car, the leader in electric car sharing in Belgium, has developed a large fleet of electric vehicles and a network of terminals for the general public (B2C) and businesses (B2B).

Based on the company’s years of experience, the new management of Zen Car Holding has established an ambitious new expansion plan. This is why the holding company’s capital was increased by the existing shareholders and with new strategic investors in July 2015 and April 2016. Since this is a project of social importance, all parties involved want to invite the general public to participate in this innovative project: to invest now in the mobility of tomorrow.


There are three major problems that result from the extensive use of cars in a city like Brussels:

1. Pollution: Transport represents 13% of CO2 emissions worldwide.* The effects of this pollution are more severe when there is a high concentration of vehicles in circulation, as is the case in cities.*[Source: UNEP, The Emissions Gap Report 2012] Today, the Belgian automotive fleet consists almost exclusively of thermal vehicles, which are are not only noisy but also result in substantial noise and air pollution. The electric vehicle remains a less common phenomenon.

2. Traffic jams: Belgium is located at the top of the ranking of the most congested countries in Europe and North America. The cities of Brussels and Antwerp are ranked above the cities of New York, Paris and London in terms of congestion.

3. Parking: Like all major European cities, the number of vehicles in Brussels is increasing while parking places remain limited. It is becoming difficult and expensive to park a car on the street.


Zen Car has developed a solution that contributes to the integrated mobility of tomorrow. The solution consists of an ELECTRIC CAR SHARING SERVICE and A NETWORK OF CHARGING TERMINALS.

The principle is simple: The user (1) joins free of charge online and receives his Zen Car card (2) they use their car and (3) returns it, either in an available, free space with the free-floating option, or in a departure station.

The user now has a car only when they need one, starting at 6€/hour. With Zen Car you can have a vehicle available at any time.

And more, the user pays only for their rental and Zen Car takes care of the rest:

  • Free parking: every Zen Car vehicle is equipped with an Interparking card to take advantage of free parking.
  • Always a parking place available: Zen Car street parking places are reserved exclusively for Zen Car members.
  • Unlimited mileage: mileage is unlimited within the charging range of the batteries.
  • Insurance, maintenance, cleaning: all are taken care of by Zen Car.


Zen Car has opted for a varied fleet of vehicles. This fleet is suited to a B2C and B2B users.
In June 2016, the fleet was 59 vehicles divided in two categories (urban and premium).
The choice of two-seat and four-seat vehicles was made to offer vehicles suitable for all the uses of Zen Car members.

In the context of its B2C activity, Zen Car has developed a network of 33 public and private terminals in Brussels, with a total of 60 recharging points. Zen Car has also received the authorisation to install five new stations, with approximately 70 other locations in the process of validation with the various competent authorities.

Marketing strategy

The Marketing strategy varies depending on the type of user: 1. B2C Marketing Strategy: improve the visual identity around the stations, standardized colors for the cars and commercial documents, events, loyalty programs, outsourced customer service (free telephone number), Google AdWords and Remarketing campaign. 2. B2B Strategy: Prospecting and relations with businesses and public bodies, implementation of CRM, creation of synergies with new partners to offer a solution appropriate to their needs.

Distribution strategy

1. B2C: Access to cars is through the network of stations. The stations are on public roads.
2. B2B2C: Make cars available through a network of stations installed by private Zen Car partners such as Interparking or Redevco Carrefour (B2B2C).
3. B2B2C: Prospecting and installation of Zen Car mobility solutions with residential property managers. Car shared between the residents of a building (and/or) group of buildings.
4. B2B: Prospecting and installation of Zen Car mobility solutions with business and public-body clients.
5. B2B2B: Prospecting and installation of Zen Car mobility solutions with managers of office buildings such as Cofinimmo, who offer an integrated mobility solution to the businesses renting space. Cars shared between several businesses in the same building.

Internationalisation strategy

In the short term, Zen Car will concentrate its efforts on the development of its fleet and its network of stations in Brussels. In the medium term, other Belgian cities will also be equipped.

Intellectual Property

In the Brussels-Capital region, all operators wishing to offer a car sharing mobility solution must be authorized operators. Zen Car is an authorized electric car sharing operator in Brussels.
This authorization is a major barrier to entry, and it allows Zen Car to develop its network of electric stations. The company has a strategic advantage compared to the competition.

Major contracts

In the framework of its activities, Zen Car has concluded many contracts with its suppliers (car manufacturers, in-car technology, insurance, website, etc.), with its partners (Interparking, Redevco, Renault, BMW, Blue corner) and with its (B2B) clients Delen, Cofinimmo, S.r.i.b, Befimmo, Desseille, Citizenguard, Cushman & Wakefield, Royal Canin, and City dev Brussels.

Main partners

Zen Car has developed numerous partnerships for its activities. All partnerships enable Zen Car to respond better to its users requirements by supplying them with quality solutions.

Zen Car’s main partners are:

  • e-colibri: car-sharing software;
  • Interparking: 16 free places (with sockets) in 8 Brussels car parks;
  • Redevco (Carrefour): 3 free parking places;
  • Cofinimmo: 5 free parking places;
  • BMW: 17 i3 cars;
  • Renault
  • Bluecorner