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Bayu drinks: ready to disrupt the European beverage market

Bayu drinks (Indonesian word for wind and can also refer to the Sanskrit name of the Hindu god Vayu, god of the wind) is a company specialized in the production and development of artisanally crafted beverages. Bayu drinks has scaled up various modernised production processes for the production of fermented and brewed soft drinks.

Fermentation techniques have been used for thousands of years for the natural storage of food and beverages. This craft has gradually been lost due to the use of modern-day preservatives. One of these products created more than 2000 years ago is kombucha, a fermented tea drink.

Therefore Bayu drinks has created Bayu kombucha. With extensive knowledge of brewing and fermentation techniques, Bayu drinks has created an authentic kombucha, ready to be launched on the European market.


The founder has registered the brand name and design as a trademark. The registration has been approved and the founder owns the intellectual property rights.


Much of the global beverage industry is controlled by Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other large companies. They own the market, noticeable when you look at the drinks available in cafes and restaurants. Most of these beverages are made with aromas, have large amounts of sugar and are mass-produced.

Health problems: ingredients

The most used ingredients in the non-alcoholic beverage industry are the following:
· Carbonated water
· Caramel colour: E150d
· Phosphoric acid
. Aspartame
· Potassium benzoate
· Natural flavours: aromas
· Potassium citrate
· Acesulfame potassium
· Sugar
· High fructose corn syrup
· Caffeine
Many of these ingredients are not healthy and unnecessary in our diet.


Bayu drinks will produce in small batches with natural ingredients. Its drinks will have a low-calorie count, without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The production process is comparable to that of a beer brewery. Bayu drinks believes it takes time, passion and knowledge to make a high-quality product. Bayu drinks wants to create an experience and give a new meaning to the name 'soft-drink'.


Natural: No use of artificial ingredients.

Sustainable: The goal is to reduce our environmental footprint in everything from ingredients, to production and packaging.

Transparency: Everyone deserves to know who they are buying from and where their food comes from.


Spicy mango, Blueberry basil, Original, Zesty Raspberry and Kriek Hop (sour cherry with hops)

What is kombucha?

It's a 2000+ year-old fermented tea beverage, first used in Chinese medicine and also called the elixir of life. Chinese people believe kombucha increases longevity and could prevent many diseases. Kombucha is made via primary and secondary fermentation, sadly many kombucha brands try to speed up this very natural process. Bayu drinks is proud to do this the real way and produce in small batches.

Production process: primary Fermentation

Fermentation is the activity of friendly bacteria, yeasts, and enzymes that eat the sugar and tea and convert it into a healthy, tasty and refreshing drink. The production process can take up to 4 weeks to make a bottle of Bayu kombucha. Most of the sugars used will be transformed into lactic and gluconic acid.

Every production process starts with the primary fermentation in big glass 10-litre jars. Producing in small batches is the best way kombucha should be produced. This way the kombucha will get its original flavour profile. Bayu drinks' fermentation space can house up to 1000 jars.

Production process: second fermentation

During this second process, Bayu drinks adds a mixture of brewed herbs, slow juiced fruit and natural fruit extracts. When it achieves the desired ph, CO2 and sugar levels, its product is ready for bottling and packaging. Before delivery of its products, Bayu drinks needs to store it cold to stop the fermentation process. Kombucha is a living probiotic drink and needs to be kept cool until consumption


Bayu drinks' main ingredient is organic tea, which it imports straight from the producers in Japan and China, to assure the best quality tea available on the market. For its flavours, Bayu drinks combines herbs, slow juiced fruit and fruit juice concentrates. The fermentation process also requires a mixture of different sugars. All the ingredients used come from certified organic suppliers and producers. Together these ingredients are the foundation for Bayu drinks' top-notch artisanal kombucha.

Health benefits

- Bayu kombucha is high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids.
- Can help you with weight loss and gut health.
- Provides the benefits of green and black tea.
- May reduce the risk of heart disease.
- Cholesterol reduction
- Cancer prevention
- Arthritis prevention: a source of glucosamine
- Enhances the immune system
- Great pre and post-workout beverage due to anti-inflammatory properties
- increases absorption of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Marketing strategy

Bayu drinks will focus its strategy based upon the rising awareness of people's healthier diet. You simply have to follow your gut. There is a gap in the market for beverages with an authentic flavour. Beverages where you can taste the real flavours instead of the overwhelming taste of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Bayu kombucha has a great taste and body and we want to add value to your life and change the way most businesses are run. For Bayu drinks the consumer is the most important part of a business.


For the distribution of its products, Bayu drinks has the same values as its production process, the most environment-friendly way possible. The deliveries within the city limits will happen with an electric cargo bicycle and longer distances with an electric cooled truck.