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CicaLux: Energised scar-care
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Alvalux at a glance

Alvalux set out with an audacious vision to develop miniature, wearable, therapeutic devices that push beyond the limits of known technologies and physical constraints while providing non-toxic, non-damaging, low-level electromagnetic energy delivery for maximum user comfort and convenience whether at home, at work, or on the go. The company aims to be a global leader in smart, wearable, energised, micro-technologies for personalised health.

Alvalux has just launched its first award-winning product - CicaLux - Energized Scar Care, and has two other wearable programs in the pipeline.

Alvalux was founded in November 2015 by Michel Alvarez who has experience in building successful medical device businesses. Since its inception, the company has partnered with Belgian universities, researchers and companies to help advance its research and product development programs.

Zoom on CicaLux

CicaLux® Energized Scar-Care is a combination wearable medical device intended for the treatment of closed and dry scars (external use only). It can be used anytime (day and/or night) and anywhere. Cicalux® is primarily intended for caesarean, abdominoplasty, hysterectomy, breast, and similar incisional surgery scars.

CicaLux is CE marked as a class I medical device - and can be sold over-the-counter and direct to consumer. Alvalux started commercialisation activity of its Cicalux product during summer 2019 following a 6-month post-market evaluation with users (moms), midwives, and doctors.

On September 13, 2019, CicaLux received its first innovation award as a Best New Mom Product finalist in the national Mother&Baby Awards 2020 contest in the UK. On September 20, 2019, CicaLux won its second award - Top Innovation - by Victoire de la Beauté 2019-2020 in France.

CicaLux offers superior design and results vs traditional silicone sheet therapy

Although silicone gel sheets are the most recommended over-the-counter product to improve scar outcomes, mainly due to the pro-hydration performance of silicone - they do not provide the additional beneficial technologies offered by CicaLux - namely pressure and infrared heat therapy.

Moreover, traditional silicone sheets can lead to fungal and bacterial infections causing skin rashes, foul odor, and other discomforts whereas CicaLux offers a pro-hygienic, single-use tape designed for tension-relief and improved compression. Traditional sheets are also highly fragile and difficult to handle and wash. They tear easily and bundle up – aggravating the user and requiring more frequent replacement. This leads to greater costs, frustration, poor outcomes, discontinued use and early dropout.

CicaLux was designed as an easy to handle and wash, robust, non-tearing, silicone to address these unmet needs.

CicaLux Plus adds more innovation to a growing product line

CicaLux Plus adds rechargeable, wireless and programmable Red-light Therapy, and other bio-sensing and monitoring technologies to the product line. CicaLux Plus has reached the final development stage as a Class IIa electronic medical device. Future applications and markets for the CicaLux platform include at-home, periodic, milder therapy for other skin diseases and disorders. (e.g. potentially Photodynamic Therapy PDT for Skin Cancer).


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