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Shave dry - Save Water
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The aim is to offer ®ONESHAVE customers a high-quality biological formula for a fast, eco-friendly & unisex shaving solution at a low cost.


  • to avoid the absorption of toxic ingredients into moisturizers, shaving foam & aftershaves.
  • to avoid water waste and water pollution.
  • to avoid the over-consumption of containers and packaging.
  • to avoid the waste of money and time.
  • to avoid painful shaving.


Moisturizer + shaving cream + anti inflammatory + in-growth hair remedy + lotion

"Moisturize, shave, rub to trigger the anti-inflammatory properties, without having to wash it off. Ecological and easy, it is also a gain in time and money."

— Clara Co-Founder

Quality, quantity, ecology, savings,
it is possible with ®ONESHAVE

®ONESHAVE is an emulsion with a rich texture that has been developed to ensure that the shaving glides easily and perfectly, moisturising in depth and is absorbed rapidly with no oily residue. Its use leaves a silky sensation with a delicate cotton scent. Its anti-inflammatory properties immediately heals irritated skin, its formula is ideal for shaving the face, head, body, legs and delicate areas.

®ONESHAVE is the express shaving solution in all circumstances.

Just use very small amounts of ®ONESHAVE, spread, shave, then rub in the remaining residue of the emulsion and you're done.

Its transparency enables the sculpting of the beard or the moustache with precision.

®ONESHAVE offers all the benefits of a constant skin hydration, as well as a natural care of the hair and its re-growth.


  • XXL Fast Absorption Moisturizer
  • Non-oily make-up base
  • Ideal for legs & sensitive areas
  • Prevention of ingrown hairs


  • Apply a thin layer of the emulsion to a dry skin
  • Shave face, head, chest or delicate area
  • Let the ®ONESHAVE residue be absorbed after shaving
  • Moisturises the skin, hair and beard


All of the ingredients have been rigorously selected from COSMO approved suppliers, who can guarantee that the components are organically grown and can be traced.

"Acting for a sustainable world."

"Using ®ONESHAVE on a daily basis is much more than shaving. It is a multiple skin, hair and beard care; it is a time saver, it is a money saver and it minimises your environmental impact."

— Clara Co-Founder

"Using ®ONESHAVE with a razor is the answer to future daily razor-shaving practices.

By 2050 water supplies will decrease by 40%. ®ONESHAVE does not claim to replace conventional barber shaving, being a relaxing moment for the customer, when he has time. ®ONESHAVE is a new new alternative to the everyday shaving, which respects your skin and your overall budget. It is intended to reduce over-use of water during a traditional razor-shaving routine that is estimated to use up to 18 litres/minute if you leave the water running. ®ONESHAVE has been developed and tested with almost all types of razors, from almost all manufacturers, for both men and women."

— Patrick the inventor of ®ONESHAVE