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Pasha, the parking solution that suits everyone
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Finding a parking spot is a real problem

One in five drivers is looking for a spot. This research can last from a quarter of an hour during the day to one hour in the evening. Meanwhile, the car drives up to an additional 4.5 kilometres, emitting up to 1.3 kg of CO2 and generating costs.
This problem will get worse in Brussels as the Region adopted a policy to eliminate 65,000 parking spots on the streets by 2030!

  • We loose one day a year looking for a parking spot.
  • Mobility is a disaster in Belgium.
  • 65 000 parking spots will be removed in the streets of Bruxelles.

The PASHA solution

PASHA is an acronym for PARKING SHARING.

The PASHA service offers drivers the opportunity to park their vehicles on the street, in front of private garage doors, during time periods determined by the owner. The concept is based on digital signage fixed to the garage door, which reproduces the license plate of the vehicle parked in front of it via a mobile application.

How does it work?

You are a driver:
1 - You visualize the available locations and choose the one that suits you the best.

2 - Once parked in front of the garage door, insert the plate of your vehicle into the mobile application and press the "START" button: the plate of your vehicle is displayed on the digital signage and the countdown is activated. You can leave your vehicle parked.

3 - When you return to the vehicle, press the "STOP" button. Your statement is stopped and the price of the display is charged to your account. You can get back on the road with a complete peace of mind!

You are a homeowner:
1 - Register your garage on the online platform or mobile application.

2 - We provide and install the digital signage on the door of your garage.

3 - Configure the availability calendar whenever you want. Outside the time slots made available to Pasha Parking, your own license plate is displayed on the signage.


The user is charged by minute, from €2.99 incl. VAT/h from 8am to 7pm on weekdays and €1.99 incl. VAT/h from 7pm and 8am, weekends and public holidays.
The +5h package is at €12.99 incl. VAT during the day and €4.99 incl. VAT at night. The owner receives 50% of the amounts generated by the signage fixed on his garage door.

Technical solution

Digital signage uses low power Bluetooth 5.0 technology and has an autonomy of more than 2 years, for a size of 14 cm in diameter and 3 cm thick. It is easily attached to most of garage doors. The PASHA application is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Legal environment

The law prohibits a vehicle from parking in front of a garage door unless the vehicle registration number is indicated. In addition, these parking lots are not paid parking, even in an area that is. Therefore, the PASHA solution is fully compliant with current legislation. The system developed is the subject of a Belgian patent with publication number 1024655.


The PASHA service is part of the Smart Cities dynamic and the sharing economy to optimize mobility. It is a short-term parking solution, inter-modality around public transport stations and a local solution for the night parking of residents.

The PASHA service offers 30 free minutes (24 hours a day) to medical staff. The owner can also adopt free admission for teachers in schools in his neighbourhood.

The first phase of R&D resulted in the production of 500 digital signs. Today, we are starting a second phase of commercialization. The PASHA service will only work if there is a sufficiently wide range of garage owners. Then, the focus will be on users.
To achieve this objective, a first communication campaign will focus on several areas:
1 - Garage door sponsorship contest,
2 - "School" action, communication to parents
3 - Presence at the Mobility Shop of the Anspach centre in Brussels
4 - Press campaign
5 - Participation in the Motor Show in the "We Are Mobility" area