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CarJo is incubated by the Brussels based incubator Startup Factory SPRL/BVBA.

Description is the specialist in vehicle services: travel, status checks and cleaning. Their customers are free floating, short or medium term car rental companies, vehicle maintenance companies, repair and insurance companies and professional fleets as well as B2B2C.

After 9 months, CarJo has achieved a turnover of more than €50,000 and set up teams of jockeys for vehicle interventions everywhere in Brussels (and its surrounding areas), Paris and Bordeaux. Jockeys are recruited and trained in the latest vehicle maintenance and cleaning techniques based on ecological and environmentally friendly products. CarJo is expanding its services geographically to support its customers' ambitions, particularly in "free floating" services.

CarJo develops a complete digital solution to facilitate the ordering, management and follow-up of interventions. In addition, it is developing a model to optimise the allocation of tasks for its jockeys in order to improve their performance and create economies of scale to improve the margins and services of the company.

CarJo covers 3 types of needs:

1) Travel: many situations require moving a vehicle, notably for technical services (ex: roadworthiness test, tire change, maintenance and repair, etc.). Who's going to drive the car?

2) Status checks: rental and leasing companies need to have detailed reports of the condition of the vehicle before taking it back or making it available to another customer. Who is responsible for the damage?

3) Washing: the image of a company depends on its employees but also on their work tools. A clean vehicle is the hallmark of a healthy company. If you don't want to take the time to go to the carwash, who will do it?