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A smooth, mat and unified complexion
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Relevant, high-quality products

Andjou Cosmetics provides quality cosmetics to African women consumers via e-commerce.

The products are made in New York and Paris and the target market is Africa.

Andjou Cosmetics is incubated by the Brussels based incubator Startup Factory SPRL/BVBA.

The company now offers one product: the Liquid Matifying Foundation. The Liquid Matifying Foundation has been developed by the company after some frustrations were identified for the target audience. After more than 2,000 conversations with potential consumers, two issues clearly emerged: a shiny skin and an uneven skin tone. The Liquid Matifying Foundation directly addresses these two issues. This product is manufactured by a French supplier who guarantees a high quality product.

Andjou Cosmetics' next product is a powder foundation, for which the target audience expressed a strong demand. Powder foundation is a complementary product to the existing product, The Liquid Matifying Foundation.

An enhanced user experience

As you can read in the "Market" section, the majority of beauty products on the African market are brought as convenience products. These are products that can be found in-store or on markets and for which there is no additional "touchpoint": no online presence, no website, no customer service or contact with the brand. Beauty being a highly emotional matter, Andjou Cosmetics makes it a point of honour to provide an improved user experience for its target audience. From the prospecting strategy via social networks to the reception of the product, everything is linked to our brand universe, which focuses on the needs of African consumers.

The creation of an improved user experience also involves logistical challenges, such as:

  • Payment method: Operating as an e-commerce in Africa requires adapting to commonly used payment methods, including mobile payments. Andjou Cosmetics has established a partnership that allows its customers to make mobile payments directly on our website.
  • Delivery method: Andjou Cosmetics' partnerships allow several delivery options, such as home delivery or delivery at a collection point (depending on the location and the customer's request), in 5 to 7 days, for $7.

State of progress

Today, the Andjou Cosmetics community brings together more than 50,000 women on social networks, and a waiting list of more than 7,500 women for the Matifying Liquid Foundation, which is out of stock, after the sale of a first test-batch.