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Please note that the CEO of Safome has left the company. The company is therefore looking for a new CEO. Given this occasion, the company is working on the strategy and is currently analysing a shift towards B2B rather than B2C. The reflection is not yet complete. It is therefore conceivable that the project will not focus on the idea described below.

Foodiz is the product of the company SAFOME SPRL/BVBA. This company is only involved in the development of the Foodiz product. In time, the name of the company will become Foodiz.

The number of users of food delivery services (offline and online) in Belgium is around 6 million.

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These 6 million consumers are regularly disappointed with the delivered meals, and for good reason: traditional restaurateurs do not design meals adapted to delivery.

  • Poorly packaged orders: cold burger, spilled sauce...
  • Waiting times of more than 45 minutes during peak hours (lunch and dinner)
  • A neglected customer experience: priority is placed on present customers, not deliveries

The Ghost Kitchen phenomenon

The concept of "Ghost Kitchen" or virtual kitchen was born in Europe a few years ago.
What is the purpose of these kitchens? Create several catering brands and develop meals especially designed for delivery. This is done via existing delivery platforms such as Ubereats, Deliveroo or Takeaway.

Also known as "Dark Kitchens", these kitchens have the necessary facilities in place for preparing meals, but do not have to be encumbered with a space dedicated to receiving customers and, consequently, do not have to pay the associated fees.

Foodiz can thus offer original cooking recipes, specially designed for delivery. Whether it is Vietnamese, Mexican, Vegan or Thai food, the possibilities are endless.

Why is this model advantageous?

  • A 62% reduction in monthly general expenses compared to a traditional restaurateur
  • A quick start at a minimum cost
  • No logistics management

Foodiz launched its first brand, Poke World (Hawaii bowls) in August 2018. It is located in the heart of Ixelles, at the crossroads of the Flagey, European and Jourdan neighbourhoods.

  • 1 kitchen, 1 virtual "Poke World" restaurant
  • A weekly growth of 36% since september
  • Objective to create 2 virtual restaurants in the 3 coming months


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