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Nestore, is the full-service storage solution for individuals and companies.

Nestore takes care of everything: collection, storage, inventory, order preparation, shipping or return.

For individuals, the objective is very simple: to make the customer's life easier. They no longer have to travel, Nestore does everything for them. The customer fills out their request online, Nestore collects their belongings at their doorstep, stores them for as long as they want by providing them with an online inventory of what they have in stock and brings back part or all of their belongings when they request it. They can therefore concentrate on the essential: their family life and hobbies!

For professionals, the objective is the same: to make the client's life easier. Nestore provides flexible solutions for all types of needs: storage of archives, event equipment, seasonal products or storage and management of goods. Nestore collects or receive directly from the warehouses, provides a detailed and up-to-date online inventory in real time, prepares and organises the shipment of customer orders, and organises the transportation of materials on demand. The customer can therefore concentrate on the essential: growing his business.


The solutions offered on the market do not directly meet the needs of the customers.

For individuals, traditional storage solutions offer a difficult customer experience: you have to do everything yourself, organise the transport to centres that are often located outside big cities, plan in advance the size of the box you want to rent, provide packing and protection equipment and secure your box. There are no services offered. Prices are not necessarily clear and transparent to the customer.

For professionals, furniture storage solutions force them to manage everything themselves, which is often complicated, far from their core business and very time-consuming. Conventional logistics solutions are often aimed at large players because they require minimum storage volumes and minimum weekly turnover volumes, they do not offer flexible solutions adapted to small companies that are in dire need of affordable and complete solutions.

Business model

  • Monthly payment per m³ stored. The unit price depends on the total volume (between €7 and €11).
  • Transport costs based on volume (€10/ m³ with a minimum of €30) and on the options chosen (lift, second person, etc.). Each option is priced very clearly. Transport over 20 m³ is mainly carried out by subcontractors.
  • Additional services are priced at fixed prices per type of service (parcel reception, order preparation, inventory, picking, packaging, shipping).

Commercial strategy

Nestore's main acquisition channels are digital. They have paid campaigns on the main search engines and on some social networks. They are constantly working to optimise the campaigns and improve the natural positioning through active content marketing strategies to acquire as many qualified leads as possible. They also conduct prospecting campaigns on LinkedIn as well as lead acquisition campaigns through partnerships. The leads are mainly converted online and by phone.

Distribution strategy

Nestore aims to have a presence in cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants.

For the individual customer, the main validated targets are:

- Students: 490,000 in Belgium, 86,000 in Brussels and 63,000 in Leuven and Louvain-La-Neuve;
- Expatriates: 1.3 million foreigners residing in Belgium, including 411,000 in Brussels (273,000 residents from Western European countries (EU15) comparable to expatriates).
- Homeowners who do renovations and have to store their belongings for average periods of time.
- Seniors or families of seniors.

For the professional customer:

- SMEs looking for a 3PL (third-party logistics) solution;
- Companies looking for flexible solutions for passive archive storage;
- Companies looking for storage solutions for event or seasonal equipment;
- Companies looking for a temporary storage solution (3 to 9 months).

Internationalisation strategy

Willingness to extend storage services to 4 other Belgian cities by the end of 2020 (Antwerp, Ghent, Liège and Charleroi). Extension to the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and France (Lille) planned for the end of 2021.

Main contracts

Nestore has had more than 450 customers including more than 200 stored to date with an average volume of 11 m³ for an average duration of 7.5 months. They have 15% B2B customers who represent 30% of the turnover. Among them are the FSMA, Febiac, WhooWhooWhoo, Ridge&Back, Tastaway, Deliveroo, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the permanent Austrian representation.

Main partners

Partnerships are being discussed with banker-insurers who are interested in offering our solution as a reward and loyalty system for their customers (credit life insurance or fire insurance for example). Advanced discussions are underway with ING, Ethias and Axa.

Nestore also has advanced discussions with Immoweb and Immovlan who are interested in offering complementary solutions to the services they offer. Nestore is also in contact with about fifteen real estate agencies to be referenced by their clients.

They are in discussion with IP for an advertising partnership.

They have signed a partnership agreement with WeWork, a co-working space, to offer a storage service to their entire community in Brussels.