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Fishtripr is the platform for outdoor fishing experiences.

They're on a mission to get millions of people outside to exercise their mind, body, and soul through recreational fishing.

For consumers, they're the easy to use, simple way to book and pay different fishing experiences. They remove all the hassle and give their customers hundreds of options according to location, level, species or type of fishing.

They connect local guides to clients for fishing adventures in a social and easy way! They reduce the risk, cost and time for guides to scale their fishing business.

The alternative for consumers seeking outdoors fishing experiences is relying on Google search functions, to find the appropriate license from the local authorities, giving access to specific areas for specific species with specific gear at a specific time...Not to mention all the tricks of the trade to catch the first fish. This can feel quite daunting for beginners and may discourage even the best candidates.

Fishtripr is there to remove barriers for supply and demand in the recreational fishing space.

Consumers focus on getting outside fishing; Guides focus on teaching and retaining clients.

Fishtripr takes care of the rest.

Intended Impact

In 2019, Sport Fishing is one of the most popular outdoors activity worldwide that attracts millions of people throughout the 5 continents. The World Bank estimates that the number of recreational anglers worldwide varies between 220 and 700 million.

Furthermore, recreational fishing is an economic powerhouse. According to European Angling Alliance, more than 30 million licensed anglers generated over €25 billion in the European Union in 2018. After going through aforementioned data, it has been already cleared that there’s no sign of slowing down in the growth rate of the fishing sector in the near future.

They exist because outdoor activity has been shown to improve mental and physical health for the consumer, and they want to make it easier for the market to connect and transact with recreational fishing.

Research shows humans spend 93% of their time indoors which is causing health problems. Fishtripr is here to bring recreational fishing to the masses, and get consumers outside for an outdoor experience after a long day or week in the office.

Access to fishing tend to be very difficult. Also, as for fishing guides, booking into sessions tend to be complicated and expensive which causes frustration for the consumers.

They help fishing guides by giving them technical and marketing tools to grow their business at scale. There is no subscription for their guides to use the platform. They connect consumers to their desired fishing experience in 2 clicks in any location based on tens of parameters.

Substantial accomplishments to date

They launched in January 2018, and more than 100,000 users onboarded in 2 years.

They are backed by a number of prominent tech entrepreneurs, who have invested over €700k in the company.

Their numbers:

- 100,000+ users onboarded onto a new fishing journey
- 1500 fishing experiences
- 30.000 sessions /day
- 140 countries11 languages
- 2M pages per month
- 4,7/5 (1800 ratings)
- 4 team members
- 700k in investments

Furthermore, they are proud to have been recognised by prominent organizations with a prizes and recognitions like:

- "Top Pick" by TechCrunch at Disrupt Berlin.
- "Start-up company to watch" on Tech 365 X.
- "Best Startups of the Year" by Digimedia.