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Full of Good is a yummy, full of natural nutrients, 100% Vegetable and Fruit Juice.

Our cold pressed juices preserve nutrients and health benefits thanks to high pressure processing (HPP).

This technology allows the juices to have up to 28 days of shelf life allowing them to enter the traditional distribution circuit.

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Global retail value of health and wellness beverages reached $274 billion in 2011,equating to 44% of retail value sales of nonalcoholic beverages.



There is an increasing demand for healthy food products. Yet fast-paced life has made it harder to find time to prepare such products. Fruits and vegetable consumption has not increased in recent years due to the lack of ready-made solutions offered on the market.

The current products offering on the shelves essentially include sweetened and pasteurized drinks that have lost much of the vitamins and nutritional values originally present in fresh fruits and vegetables.

"The demand for healthy beverages is moving away from purely low-calorie variants to those which, whilst low-calorie, also offer added health benefits.”



Cold Pressed Fruit & Vegetable Juices

  • SMART CHOICE: Antioxidant properties and a good bunch of Vitamin K (Apple, Cucumber, Fennel, Lemon, Ginger and Mint)
  • BODYGUARD: 120% of your daily dose of Vitamin A (Carrot, Apple, Fresh Ginger, Orange and Curcuma)
  • CHILL OUT: 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin C (Red beet, Apple, Lemon and Pomegranate)
  • ADULTS ONLY: There’s no limit to your imagination (Lemon, Grape, Water, Ginger and Jalapeno pepper)

Benefits of cold pressed

Juices made with a hydraulic cold press machine have a significantly higher nutritional content as they are not heated during the extraction process. Cold pressed juice is exposed to a minimal amount of oxidation allowing for it to retain its taste and nutritional value. In addition cold pressed fruits and vegetable yield more juice than with traditional centrifugal machines.

High Pressure Processing

HPP technology (High Pressure Processing) now allows more healthy alternatives to traditional pasteurized drinks.

Natural products that have not been overheated retain their organoleptic properties and appearance.HPP is a real alternative to thermal and chemical treatments. It controls microbial safety in already packaged products, and shelf life is multiplied by up to five times, while maintaining all the freshness of natural ingredients and homemade taste.

Marketing strategy

Phase 1: Local marketing to create high end experience
➢ Social Media Campaign to nurture storytelling of brand (crowd funding)
➢ Positioning Happening/ Events (Sports events, festivals,..)
➢ Targeted Influencers Sampling

Phase 2: Medium marketing
➢ Press and promotion
➢ Viral videos and online material
➢ Internet ads, flyers and posters

Phase 3: Intense marketing for international launch
➢ Press & online advertising
➢ Updated website
➢ Promotional launching prices

Distribution strategy

Phase 1: Positioning distribution points in Belgium
➢ Trendy cafés and restaurants – 24 points of interest identified
➢ Happening/ Events (Sports events, festivals,..)
➢ High end supermarkets (Delitraiteur, Rob,…)

Phase 2: Volume distribution points in Belgium
➢ Supermarkets
➢ Food chains/stores
➢ Sports clubs, office restaurants, airlines

Internationalisation strategy

Distributor sales in France & Luxembourg

Intellectual Property

The brand Full of Good and its recipes have been registered for the Benelux and all EU countries.

Major contracts

Currently 53 selling points in and around Brussels and still growing... The target aim of the business plan was to reach 25 selling points after two months of operation. So far so Full of Good...

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