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Lseat 1A

Tax Shelter
Equity Belgium 78 investors
Converts a regular economy seat to sleep mode
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Pre money valuation
Equity offered
Amount raised
35 days
Minimum target
118% funded


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Most long-haul flights operate at night. Boarding a long-haul flight in economy class is often a hunt for a seat without neighbours so that you can lie down and sleep during the entire flight. Lying down on two or three seats, the structures between the seats remain major obstacles to comfort. On the other hand, improvements in airline sales techniques allow occupancy rates to exceed 85% on average. Finding suitable sleeping conditions is therefore an illusion.

This is how the idea of Lseat was born, and once patented, it attracted all the players in the aeronautical industry who had the opportunity to get to know it.

Lseat converts the passenger seat in economy class to comfortable sleep mode.

By allowing the front part of a passenger's seat to be lowered, a retractable extension converts into a leg holder with a foot wedge that slides under the front seat. The Lseat thus offers a comfortable sleeper mode that is appreciated on all long-haul flights without altering the space between the rows of seats or the passenger density per aircraft.

The passenger can switch from one mode to the other without electrical assistance. He uses his own weight for extension and tensions springs to assist him in retraction.


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