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Parkpnp is the answer to all your parking problems.There are billions of parking spaces all over the world in car parks, hotels, shopping centre, businesses and homes. In fact, experts believe there are upwards of 4 parking spaces for every car. So why can nobody ever find a place to park?By cataloging & connecting drivers with all the available parking spaces in their area, Parkpnp simplifies the parking process, allowing drivers to search, book and pay for 10,000s of parking spaces in seconds.

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By unlocking the value of under-utilised spaces, Parkpnp increases revenue for all types of parking space owners from multi-storey car parks, local governments to individual homeowners. We allow drivers to access a wider choice, savings of up to 70% and the convenience of paying for parking instantly all through their phone.

Simply, Parkpnp brings you a click away from your perfect parking space.The real winner are our cities. As the number of cars driving aimlessly looking for parking decreases so does congestion. While as motorists connect more efficiently with parking spaces, communities can start to reclaim surplus space for new bicycle lanes, homes and businesses.Park smarter with Parkpnp.

✓ World’s first product which works for all parking owners (car parks, hotels, retailers, homeowners, real estate companies & governments).
✓ Management software which allows car park owners to automate tariff management, entry & exit, enforcement and traffic management all through one platform.
✓ An easy to use consumer product which is available on iOS, Android & Web.
✓ Expert regional & global management teams with experience across parking, real estate, marketing & finance.
✓ In the last year we have parked 100,000+ cars across Europe and this number is growing rapidly.
✓ Portfolio of 15,000 parking spaces across 4,000 locations in 15 cities.
✓ Actively working with some of Europe’s biggest car park operators, real estate companies & hotel groups.


European parking is a $30 billion global industry which is fundamentally distrusted by it’s paying customers. Finding a space is a nightmare, the average driver spends 3 days a year in their car looking for somewhere to park. The hunt for a parking spot is estimated to cost around 280€ per driver in wasted time, fuel, and emissions. Upon arrival drivers are then faced with chunky bills and outdated cash payment systems. Town planners, retailers & business are building more and more spaces to ensure cars can find somewhere to park easier. This has resulted in cities being blighted with massive amounts of empty parking spaces lying idle for massive amounts of time. Meanwhile, our cities are suffocated with massive congestion, lack of housing and poor public amenities.It’s time to put our space to work.


Parkpnp makes it easy for both space owners & motorists to solve this problem.


Drivers simply want to find the cheapest & most convenient parking space. They don’t care if it’s owned by a business, the government or a local resident. Parkpnp’s platform allows drivers to find, pay and park in their perfect parking space in real-time.

✓ Reduces the average journey time by twenty minutes.
✓ Saves motorists up to 70% on the cost of parking.
✓ Cashless payment takes away the hassle of loose change & lost tickets.

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Managing parking spaces can be complicated; availability & pricing are real issues for all space owners. While each space owner has their own unique challenges. Hotel owners need to ensure space for guests. Real estate companies need to ensure space for residents. Homeowners don’t want someone in their space when they get home from work. Through extensive industry engagement, our team who have over 30 years parking experience have built the world’s most ambitious and adaptable parking management solution which:

✓ Manages all aspects of parking availability, pricing and performance.
✓ Increases occupancy by maximising online presence for all space owners to connect with drivers anywhere, anytime.
✓ Provides a secure digital payment engine allowing space owners to increase revenue from their parking spaces.
✓ Simplifies car park control allowing motorists to easily enter & exit spaces using their phone.
✓ Automates partnerships between local businesses and car parks, allowing space owners to simplify relationships with the local community.Simply put Parkpnp’s management solution empowers all space owners to make their under-used space available to motorists.

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Intellectual Property

Parkpnp own all aspect of the Parkpnp platform and the associated brand.We also own the rights to the brand Sharemypark (EUIPO).

Major contracts

Parkpnp has a burgeoning number of domestic & global customers.


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Audi - 1,000 spots for concerts at Forest National.
BBF - Help real estate agencies to rent their free spots through our platform
Fabrique d'Eglise - preferred parking management solution of Brussels diocesan region.

- Forest National - official parking partner for all events.
- Royal Sporting Club de Charleroi: official parking partner for all home games.
- TEDx - official parking partner of TEDx Brussels.

GLOBALLY Parkpnp works with some of the most respected parking companies, real estate companies & hotel operators. We will leverage this proven track record in the Belgian market to prove traction.


Marketing strategy

We have parked over 100,000 cars across Europe over the last 12 months. Our expert team combines experience of large global campaigns for companies such as Heineken and Unilever with the insight of experienced parking professionals. Our acquisition strategy focuses on two key channels:

Led by social media, our digital acquisitions also focuses on retargeting, SEO, PPC referrals and Adwords.

Localised campaigns driven by brand experiences and strong point of sale drive massive acquisition of customers in busy urban areas.

Distribution strategy

Our core priority over the next 18 months is to build the largest portfolio of bookable spaces in the Belgian market. This ensures sufficient distribution to provide real value for users. We are rapidly recruiting car park owners, real estate companies and hotels across Belgium. Our B2B proposition focuses on two key areas

- Automation: automate large parts of the operation of car parks including access control, customer management and online payments
- Partnerships: form technology partnerships with leading parking owners to maximise revenue from their space through increasing driver acquisition and diversifying payment options.

By increasing automation and creating partnerships we quickly acquire and monetize 1,000s of parking options in prime locations.

The nature of the peer to peer aspect of our business is that organic growth is a key driver with word of mouth referrals being particularly important. This will remain a lucrative and important part of our business.

Internationalization strategy

Parkpnp will be Europe's number 1 parking brand by 2020.

The groups international strategy focuses on identifying high density European cities with congestion & mobility issues. Parkpnp enters new markets through three avenues:

i) Licensing - we sell our technology under license to third party operators who operate under our brand in specific markets.
ii) Direct Entry - we research and enter markets directly funding all activities.
iii) Acquisition - we acquire strong domestic parking start-ups and accelerate their growth by giving them increased access to more powerful technology and a global network.

Parkpnp will launch in a further 7 European countries by the end of 2019.

Parkpnp Belgium will focus on capitalising upon the lucrative €700m domestic market.

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This campaign ended on 08/07/2018