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The Social Stock Exchange seeks to become the first worldwide access point for profitable impact investment opportunities.

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Its entire business model is based on stimulating progress by innovating a disruptive profit‑with-purpose investment exchange.

The Social Stock Exchange’s mission and vision is to revitalise existing capital markets, and change the way these markets work to serve society’s purposes.
How? By giving investors who value both social impact an opportunity, empowering them to connect their financial activities and liquidity with positive-impact markets and communities working towards a prosocial, sustainable global economy.

By investing in the Social Stock Exchange, which collaborates with ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX), to give Issuer Members the ability to access a live dedicated public financial market for impact businesses through its branded social impact segment on both the Growth Market and Main Board of ISDX.

The Social Stock Exchange currently boasts 44 members (as of September 2016). The Social Stock Exchange’s mission is to change the world, and your contribution is key.

The Social Stock Exchange is seeking to raise 500,000 GBP minimum and 5M GBP maximum, with 250k GBP already invested by Inventures, a venture capital fund investing in companies having a positive societal impact. This project impacts everyone, and therefore anyone can contribute to this crowdfunding campaign, whose objective is to raise from 250,000 GBP to 2,750,000 GBP.

Together we can multiply our impact.

This campaign ended on 2017-01-31