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Johan G

bestaat er reeds een Nederlandstalige / Engelstalige versie van WAD?
Johan Goris

Laurent D Entrepreneur

Hello Johan,
Many thanks for your interest in WAD and your relevant question.
WAD is ready (technically) to be translated in Dutch and English. Since we can not offer professional support (and sale) in dutch, French is only available. As you can read in this campaign description, we’re looking for a sales/support and strategic partner for Flanders. It could be the co-investor we need here…
Just before this campaign, we had contacts and discussions with a good « player » on the Dutch (and Wallonia) market, offering complementary products of WAD… We were enthousastics but they finally talked about a full acquisition of WAD… « WAD … twelve points ! » but at this stage we prefer to answer Johan’s question :) and continue to develop WAD in the same spirit with a lot of targets and growth.

Laurent Dabomprez