Spreds Finance

A unique and protective legal structure

Securely raise funds from a community of investors

One of the unique advantages of Spreds is our legal structure.

Spreds Finance is a dedicated financial vehicle with the sole activity to hold investment or participation in companies, with a compartment for each funded company. Spreds Finance serves as a single representative of your community of investors, which simplifies administration for your investors and for you as an entrepreneur.

The special structure of Spreds Finance ensures that each funded company is isolated from the others. If one business has financial trouble, it does not impact the other businesses.

Investors who invest through our platform do not become direct shareholders, they only hold participatory Notes from Spreds Finance which represent their investment in the company.

For investors, this is better. By acting collectively the crowd has a stronger voice. It’s also easier for entrepreneurs, who can trust Spreds to manage the crowd rather than dealing with hundreds of contacts.


Participatory Notes

Spreds Finance

Company A
Company B
Company C
Your Company
Company Z

Your Company

Benefits of Spreds Finance

One single legal shareholder

Instead of having multiple shareholders and/or lenders we gather them all in one single legal structure: Spreds Finance. We represent them all and take care of them.

You focus on your business

Rather than losing yourself in investor administration and management, Spreds deals with the hassle for you. All you have to do is focus on your company.

A base of ambassadors

Whoever they are, your investors are linked to your success. Make them proud of being part of your story. In return, they will share their experience and open their network and contacts with your company.

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