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Pooling vehicles

— Other — 6 minutes read

You decided to invest in a project and put some of your hard-earned money in it because you believe it could be the next unicorn giving you a nice return on investment. Great! You will probably also want the CEO in charge of the project to use his or her time wisely and to focus on creating growth and profits... read more

The ABC’s of investors’ management

— Other — 5 minutes read

“Tell me what I have to do to have you finance me.” A sentence uttered in the 1970s in California by a bearded, funnily dressed, young and naïve college drop out. The man in question was looking for the first investment in his project. Together with his partner, he planned on revolutionizing the market of personal computers... read more

Great news for entrepreneurs | New Tax Shelter provisions

— Updates — 1 minute read

Great news for entrepreneurs! As part of the economic recovery from the COVID19-pandemic and in order to provide additional support to start-ups and scale-ups in their development, the Belgian government has recently decided to double the maximum amount that can be collected under the tax shelter scheme... read more

Les logements insolites : un marché fructueux en Belgique

— Startup successes — 6 minutes read

Avec un développement perpétuel depuis 10 ans, le marché niche des logements insolites se développe rapidement. Plus encore, la crise sanitaire a accentué ce phénomène qui monte en puissance depuis plusieurs années, incitant le marché à se structurer. Tiny Houses, bulles et incontournables cabanes dans les arbres : l’hébergement insolite compte toujours plus d’adeptes... read more