Cookie usage policy

What is a "Cookie"?

"Cookies" are small files which are sent to and stored in your computer system by websites you visit. On your next visit to the site, your browser will read the cookie and relay the information to the website or the original cookie source. For more information on these technologies, and how they work, visit the Web sites and

Like many websites, the site can store or retrieve information from your browser, usually in the form of cookies.

The use of cookies on our site is used mainly to improve the user’s experience during their visit by offering them a more personalized experience leading to more efficient and fluent navigation. In order to do this, we store certain preferences so you do not have to specify your language, for example, on every visit.

In addition, cookies can be used to collect anonymous, aggregated statistics which help us understand better how visitors behave on our website. The information collected through the establishment of cookies enables us to optimize the quality of our website.

Protecting User Privacy

The cookies used by our site will not identify you as an individual. The cookie related information cannot be linked to a name and/or first name because it does not contain personal data. Only your IP address will be recognized as this is where the cookies are stored.

Different types of cookies used

Spreds uses the following cookies:

Essential cookies
Certain technical and purely functional cookies are essential to any site navigation. These cookies do not contain any data other than a username, which is required for your Internet browsing. They are designed, for example, to help you navigate the site and return to the previous pages. These cookies are only stored during your session on the site.

Connecting cookies
Certain site pages require you to log on as a member and will generate specific cookies (including storing a username during registration on the site as a member). These cookies are retained for a 2 month period.

Convenience cookies
Certain cookies are used to store the navigation language on the site and personalize the page, by taking into account previous consultations. The primary purpose of these cookies is to contribute to the ease of the site’s navigation. They can also contain useful information such as a member’s current subscriptions, a list of the documents stored in a personal workspace, etc. These cookies are preserved to be supplemented or refreshed on subsequent visits. The browser settings allow you to control cookies, and their removal does not prevent the proper use of the site.

Statistical or analytical cookies
These cookies collect information on the site usage (pages visited, average duration of consultations, …). The statistical analysis is strictly anonymous and enables us to identify the most and least visited pages and get to know about the overall site usage habits. This is also the means of detecting site navigational difficulties and assessing the advertising effectiveness of the companies displayed on the site. The data collected by the site in this way is in principle aggregated and processed anonymously. These cookies are retained for a maximum period of 2 years.

How to reject or remove the use of cookies

On your first visit to our website we provide you with access to this policy. You can set your navigation tool to restrict or remove the use of cookies. You are free to reject the cookies but should be aware that their rejection could make your visit to our website less user friendly or even impossible if they are functional cookies.

The user can, at any time quite easily, reject the use of cookies which must be done expressly by erasing the cookies stored on your computer.

Indeed, if you have any concerns about our use of cookies, you can choose to disable them, in particular by changing your browser settings to block certain types of cookies.

The method for erasing cookies varies from one browser to another. For more information on the procedure, consult your browser. Explanations for their deletion by browser type are available on the site: or the site