Code of ethics of Spreds

Spreds promotes the following values for itself and for the companies participating to a crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Spreds prefers to work with companies that:

    • Sell a product or service with a social impact
    • Have a positive effect on job creation
    • Aim for excellence in all activities
    • Pioneer and innovate in business.
  2. Companies must respect:

    • The legislation and regulation in effect
    • The principle of sharing the success of the company with all its stakeholders, which is one of the cornerstones of crowdfunding
    • Generally accepted ethical and corporate governance rules
    • The environment and the precautionary principles concerning environmental issues
    • The human rights of the people affected by the activities of the company
    • The rights of its consumers.
  3. Companies must not operate in one of the prohibited sectors, weapons, drugs, prostitution, pornography, human or organ traffic, in general, illegal or illicit products or services.

Although Spreds cannot guarantee that all companies on our platform will respect all of these values at all times, we requests each company to indicate in their online profile how they do (or do not) respect these values.