Spreds is a leading European investment platform

We allow every investor to finance companies that matter to them and improve the world around them by creating jobs and shaping our society.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a collective investment in a business or product. There are four types of crowdfunding:

  1. Equity crowdfunding

    Companies request funds, and in exchange, crowd investors receive a stake (Notes) in the company.

  2. Loan crowdfunding

    Investors loan money to a company and are repaid over a period of time.

  3. Donation crowdfunding

    Charities collect non-repayable donations for a good cause.

  4. Reward crowdfunding

    Investors receive a gift or service in exchange for their investment.

Spreds focuses on equity and lending crowdfunding.

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Who is Spreds?

Our platform offers everyone, regardless of the size of their assets, an easy way to invest in businesses that improve our world. We strive to help them mitigate their investment risks through transparency, education and diversification.

What does Spreds do?

We have developed the first fully regulated platform that combines an online digital investment portfolio and an accredited, tax transparent and compartmentalised legal structure that connects innovative entrepreneurs with passionate investors.

Why do we do it?

Investment opportunities for everyone. Here at Spreds, we believe in the power of the crowd investing with co-investors. The crowd helps validate the business concept and consumer interest, while experienced investors help to examine the valuation of the company and the potential returns. Let's transform the economy of tomorrow, today, together.

How does it work?

Experience and analysis

Key facts about Spreds

Empowering entrepreneurs and celebrating their success with investors

190 businesses funded

We attract and vet entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. Since 2011 we have closed 190 successful campaigns.

A community of 43,404 members

Our investors take part in exciting opportunities, with a trusted, industry-leading platform with 43,404 members.

Anyone can invest

We make investing accessible to all by allowing individuals to invest from €100. That has added up to more than €50,000,000 invested on our platform.

Co-invest with professionals

Through our co-investment principle, get to invest alongside co-investors in each opportunity.

A secure legal structure

Spreds Finance is a dedicated subsidiary that pools all the investments into one separate legal entity, making it easy for the crowd to invest. Spreds Finance signs agreements at the notary on behalf of the crowd, saving you time and energy.

Regulated European campaigns

In April 2017, Spreds became the first crowdfunding platform to get approval from the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority.

The Spreds Story

Spreds was created in July 2011 under the name MyMicroInvest by four professionals motivated by idealist principles. Since then, the platform has experienced many changes, but the biggest change since its creation happened at the beginning of 2018. After a long and fruitful collaboration of more than 6 years, MyMicroInvest and the investment fund Inventures (created in parallel) decided to pursue their individual paths. Sharing until then the same legal entity, the same CEO and the same team, the companies reached a level of maturity that enabled them to evolve separately.

MyMicroInvest took advantage of this decision to change its name. By renaming the company Spreds, we chose to make our strategy clearer, simpler and more powerful than ever before. Spreds’ mission is to finance entrepreneurial dreams, to feed the European job market and to motivate people to collectively support tomorrow’s companies.

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